Adventure Therapy


At our Adventure Therapy programmes, the first of its kind in Singapore, we challenge our participants through a wide range of team activities, targeting key maladaptive social behaviors and thinking patterns. Through these activities, we highlight parallel challenges in real life and facilitate a conducive environment for participants to develop coping strategies that promote positivefunctioning behaviors.


Why Adventure Therapy?

Our programmes are inspired by the work on wilderness therapy by Michael A. Gass, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and on the Experiential Learning (Kolb, 1984), among others. While acknowledging the power of traditional methods, we believe that targeting similar outcomes albeit in a different environment (clinical vs. outdoor) is just as if not more effective than other forms of therapy.

Experiential activities provide a hands-on approach to conflicts, which is highly relatable to real-life conflicts that participants may face. The focus on learning through experience rather than instruction also encourages participants to self-develop strategies that will aid them. Our belief is that strategies developed by oneself is more appropriate (we know ourselves the best), and participants would also show a higher level of commitment to interventions that are self-developed.

Many people who require therapy may experience a high level of stress, anxiety or even depression, and with these comes a stigma which makes traditionalcounselling and therapy methods inconvenient. At our programmes, we promote an inclusive environment through team activities, and an opportunity to forge connections with those that share similar challenges in life. Moreover, outdoor participation encourages health and fitness. Ultimately, our goal is to create a platform where our participants can not only pick up life-changing skills to do better for themselves in future, but also have FUN whilst doing so.

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