Adventure Elements

Core Activites Challenges
Low Elements are designed to get the participants to work as a team and be responsible for the safety of others as well as for themselves. These are great interaction and communication tools.

Low Elements

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  • - Low Wall
  • - Meuse
  • - Trust Fall
  • - TP Shuffle
  • - Over the Top
  • - Mohawk Walk
  • - Trolley
  • - Giant’s Finger
  • - Whale Watch
  • - Wild Woozey
  • - Nitro Crossing
  • - Spider’s Web
  • - Triangle Tension Traverse

High Elements are about 10 metres high above the ground and provide participants with opportunities to confront fears & examine how people react when they face intimidating challenges

High Elements

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  • - Balancing Beam
  • - Parallel Walk
  • - Jacob’s Ladder
  • - Postman’s Walk
  • - Multi-Vine
  • - Dangle Duo
  • - Burma Bridge
  • - Pamper Pole
  • - Giant Swing

Team Challenge Pyramid
The Team Challenge Pyramid is a 25 metres high tower designed to be conquered only with the support and encouragement of every team member. It is sure to build camaraderie among the team members.

Team Challenge Pyramid

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A group of 5 must ascend an upward spiral to the peak of the pyramid with a series of challenges along the way. At the top of the tower, each member descends individually to the group via the Flying Fox.

Team Challenge Hourglass
The latest activity in our wide range of experiential activities. The FIRST and ONLY in the world today! You can only attempt this 30 metres high tower at FOCUS Adventure – Nirwana Gardens, Bintan & Sibu Island Resort, Malaysia!Are you game?

Team Challenge Hourglass

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Higher and more challenging! Look forward to its exciting launch by end of 2009!

Rafting & Kayaking
A real test of strong teamwork, creative thinking and innovative leadership. Spontaneous ‘technical knowledge’ is also required. Who needs those biceps anyway?
Choose to raft or kayak at Sentosa or Orchid Country Club in Singapore, or at Bintan Lagoon Resort or Nirwana Gardens in Bintan. Alternatively, Sebana Cove and Sofitel in Malaysia offer great rafting and kayaking sites. Teams build their own rafts and race to get to the other end!

Recreational Activities
Just want to take it easy or learn more about your colleagues on a personal level while having fun? No worries! FOCUS Adventure also provides a variety of recreational activities to suit your needs.
  • - All-Terrain Vehicles
  • - 4 Wheel-Drive Expeditions
  • - Paintball
  • - Microlight Aviation
  • - Sailing
  • - Horse Riding

Mobile Adventure Programmes (MAP)
Mobile Adventure Programmes are so named because they can be conducted almost anywhere in the world! Using minimum props and setup, our experienced Facilitators can provide an experiential learning programme that delivers results. You can choose to hold these activities in a function room, a garden courtyard, at the beach. You name it and we will definitely be able to find suitable activities to attain your objectives.

Mobile Adventure Programmes

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  • - Turning Point
  • - Mousetrap
  • - Handshake Challenge
  • - Diamond Maze
  • - Helium Hula
  • - Key Punch
  • - Nuclear Waste
  • - Toss the Pizza
  • - Warp Speed
  • - Blindfold Squares

Plus many more!

Profiling Tools
Complement the activities in your training programme with one of our profiling tools. Our certified Facilitators are able to delve into your corporation’s teamwork and individual abilities to make the most of your programme. Find out why and how participants react and ways they can improve on their inter-personal relationships.
  • - Motivation Profile
  • - Strength Development Inventory
  • - DiSC
  • - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • - Team Development Inventory
  • - Leadership Practices Inventory
    (used for The Leadership Challenge!)
  • - Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument
    (used for The Teambuilding Challenge!)

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