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Logo_Lego Serious Play

LEGO Serious Play


“You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than a lifetime of conversation” – Plato.

An activity that explores our inner world, let your hands do the talking as you (in groups of 2-5) are gradually eased into the world of model construction! With given themes, models created express our unconscious beliefs, which are then shared with other teams through the use of technology (onscreen projections, online whiteboard etc.). To take it to the next level, teams then present a shared story that captures the essence of each model, creating the will of the whole.

Where do we go from there? Well it is up to your team to find out.

Logo_The Supermarket Race Chllenge

The Supermarket Race


The Supermarket Mission: Christmas Season Rendition

Fusing our favourite local pastime with the holiday season, the Supermarket Mission: Christmas Season Rendition challenges teams to divide and conquer! In this activity, performance and decisions made by each function (2 pax) affect the entire Santa team, so put on your teamwork hats and get moving! Travelling in sub-teams to gather information, earn credits and procure groceries, every successful Santa team needs to strategise, synergise and execute with precision. Can your team procure the gifts before Christmas? Sign up to find out today!



Logo_The Robotics Challenge

The Robotics Challenge!

It is the year A.D. 3000 and living conditions on earth has started to deteriorate. After a long journey to the surface of Mars to run dianostics, your expedition team realises that your Mars Walker (MW-0032) is damaged and has to be rebuilt. Fortunately, your team of programmers in Singapore, space engineers in the shuttle and expedition force on the surface are on hand to revive the mission. Without visuals of each other, teams are challenged to communicate effectively, partake in robot construction, programming, and ultimately the successful completion of the project! Sign up today for this unique experience!




“He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Our signature high element tower! The Team Challenge hourglass features a series of elements surrounding a 24-metre steel structure. Once atop the tower, take in the beautiful coastline of sentosa and offshore islands and prepare for the final surprise! Catering to up to five in a team with the flexibility of different starting points and rest stops, come to experience this unique challenge putting your courage, mental strength and teamwork to the test! Book a programme with us today for a unique experience!


Logo_Mobile Adventure Programmes

Mobile Adventure Programmes

Building Blocks Challenge

Flowing along the classic concept of the broken telephone, this activity is an exercise in communication where certain members of the team are in possession of key information, and as life often has it, are required to pass on the information to other team members that require it. Being in different locations, there is only one channel for passing this information, through the ‘messengers’ in the team via radio communication. Empathy, attention to detail and effective communication are the main takeaways in this engaging activity.



Masterpiece Challenge

Our Master Piece Challenge tasks teams with putting together an intricate collage of pictures to replicate a template that is on display in a different location. Starting with a laptop at a team outpost, every member of the team take turns to enter the ‘showroom’, view the template, and then return to their outpost to add to their shared virtual canvas. To throw a spanner in the works, one member in each team has been covertly assigned to be a Saboteur whose role is to ensure his team never fulfils their objective. With all these odds stacked against you, can your team find success and complete the Masterpiece? The activity rises to a crescendo in the debrief where a paradigm shift leads to deep insights into team dynamics, trust, and optimal performance.


Keypunch Challenge

“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails” – Dolly Parton.

As the world moves so must we! Adapting to changes is vital for any entity and even more so during these unstable times that the world finds itself in. Our Key Punch challenge is a timed activity where teams are tasked with activating number pads in sequential order. Before the launch of each round, sub-teams (2 pax) will first strategize via radio communications, before meeting in the atrium to execute their strategy. In subsequent rounds, changes are introduced to the environment to provoke changes in strategies. This changing environment mimicking the ever-changing tides of the business world leads the team to evaluate their performance and understand the implications of adapting to change. Will your team emerge safe and stronger from the storm?


Logo_The Strategists Quest


The Strategist Quest

The Strategist’s Quest centers around a treasure hunt where teams are competing to become the first team to find unearth their treasure! Each team (4 pax) is first divided across two roles, namely the Intel department (2pax) and the expedition force (2pax). Whilst the Intel department are tasked to earn tip-offs and clues, the expedition force are to head into the unknown guided by the information earned by their Intel counterparts! Not everything goes as planned, however, as the expedition force are met with roadblocks along the way…sometimes making discoveries that may supersede the information from the intel department! Can your team work together to unearth the treasure?



The Monopoly Challenge

Become the property powerhouse that you’ve yearned to be! Inspired by the award-winning Monopoly board game, teams embark on a journey to earn properties and become the most asset-rich team in the market! By reaching stipulated locations and completing fringe activities, teams build their portfolio to become the ultimate champion!…but watch out! Real-time updates mean that other teams can use Action Plays to steal, swap and debit your wallet to disable your team! Drive your team to emerge on top of the property market!

For 2-5pax per team.