The Incredible Singapore Zoo Race!

The Incredible Singapore Zoo Race! is another popular Adventure Learning programme that FOCUS Adventure have received a lot of positive feedback from our participants. This programme is customized specially to be carried out at the Singapore Zoo. The Singapore Zoo is well-known for its walk-through exhibits that bring animals and visitors together in one space for incredibly intimate encounters. Wander into the spectacular diversity of the Fragile Forest where flying foxes soar freely, mouse deers tread gingerly across your path, and ring-tailed lemurs bask in full view on the open sundeck. Also finally we get to see the adorable pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia.



What is Constructionism?

Constructionism means learning by making something. That is making something that you can identify with, be proud of and think, “This is my work.” What you learn in the process of making things that you care about sinks much deeper, its roots go deeper into the subsoil of the brain than what anyone can tell you.

What being a chef is like?
With the increasing demand from customers to create new and tantalizing dishes, this brings vibrancy and vitality to the hospitality industry, making the chef’s job constantly interesting.

In The Cooking Challenge!, we tap on these interesting characteristics of a chef to bring across the importance of adopting the mindsets and skill sets of a high performance individual/ team.

- Chefs value training and they are always learning.
- Chefs require creative cooking skills in selecting, preparing and presenting food.
- Chefs need people skills, management skills, entrepreneurial skills, conflict resoultion skills and financial skills.
- Chefs have to be fast and efficient, and able to multi-task.
- Chefs are highly committed in their work. They need to spend long hours in the kitchen, always making sure the dishes cook are of high quality and good hygiene standards.
- The styles and specialty of each chef is different. They need to find their strength and interest in order to come up with their gourment cooking.