Low Elements

Low Elements are great interaction and communication tools that encourage teamwork and leadership among participants. Participants also learn to be responsible for the safety of their team mates apart from their own.

Giant’s Finger

Participants are required to remove the ring from the pole without them or the tire touching it.

Low Wall

Low WallParticipants must move as a group as quickly as possible over a 12 feet high obstacle. This challenging activity will help build trust and cooperation between participants.

Mohawk Walk

Mohawk WalkParticipants test their balance as well as their ability to work as a team in this challenge, where they have to walk on a thin wire in a race to touch all the supports.

TP Shuffle

The participants are split into two groups and placed on seperate ends of a pole, from which they have to switch places without touching the ground, A great way to warm up participants and get them energized.

Whale Watch

Participants have the seemingly simple task of balancing a large platform using their body weight. This will require cooperation, communication and the ability to work as a coherent unit.

Trust Fall

Participants perform a controlled fall from a four-feet high platform into the waiting arms of their colleagues. A great way to build trust and teamwork between participants.

Wild Woozey

Participants try to make their way across two support cables that get widen they go along. This fun activity will have participants laughing from the strange poses adpoted by their colleagues as they make their way across. A great way to build up relationships.

Nitro Crossing

Participants test their ingenuity and planning capabilities as they cross a pool of “acid” on a giant swing. A challenge that requires careful planning before execution.

Spider Web

A tried-and-true teambuilding activity that requires participants to make their way through a network of web openings without touching the web. As more participants make their way across, the number of available openings decreases and the challenge become more exciting.


Participants are challenged to traverse a distance on a set of wooden skis (per team) to collect assigned objects.