Success launch of The Drone Challenge!

Instead of a single controller for each drone, responsibility for the controls were shared between at least 3 members, each member being responsible for a single plane of movement. (For example, Participant A is in charge of moving the drone up and down, Participant B for moving forward and backwards)
We are proud to have successfully conducted The Drone Challenge! programmes in March 2019! In their teams, participants had to design and build their own 3D race track, while the controllers familiarized themselves with the drone controllers. However in FOCUS Adventure, every moment is a challenge!
In an ultimate test of teamwork and coordination, teams had to navigate their drones through their race track in the shortest possible time!
Drone_03 Drone_03
Both sessions helped fire up the teams’ competitive spirits, while forcing them to come together as a group to plan and coordinate their movement! Overall, the program was a great success and everyone went home feeling a little richer!
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