Story of the Two Birds

I only realised it was lunch time when I felt a rumbling feeling in my tummy and during that point, I didn’t realise how hungry I was. I started to call out to my colleagues to go lunch
together and after gathering a few people, we were set to go. We took a small van and we managed to squeeze everybody in it. I was behind the wheel and we were chatting merrily
with each other about work and some random stuff when we came upon a down slope. As I negotiated the slope, I noticed there were two birds on the left side of the road and I didn’t
take much notice of it. I was nearing to where the birds were when the birds took a sudden decision to dash across the road. I had to tap the brakes to avoid running over the birds and
because of this reaction, the merry conversation that we were having was abruptly interrupted and followed by silence. I looked back to see if everybody was okay and fortunately nothing happened. I explained what had happened and everybody thought it was kind of funny. Putting the little commotion aside, we continued our conversation and head down to our lunch destination.

After coming back from lunch, feeling satisfied, contented and full, I started to recall the whole incident. It got me thinking; why did the birds choose to cross the road, instead of flying off and over the road? That decision will only be known to the birds…


“The set of competencies that a person is born with or are his innate qualities making him perfect for certain skills and tasks are referred to as his abilities. Abilities are often the result of the genetic makeup of a person. Because of this, we see some people good at computer programming (it comes naturally for them) while others might be good at physical sports, and yet others at languages and dances. Ability is something that is either there or lacking. There are people with the ability to learn languages while there are also people who find it hard to learn a new language. If you ask a girl to become a ballerina without having the ability, she would struggle to master the nuances and her performances may not look natural at all. This is in sharp contrast to a girl having the natural flair for dancing and has a rhythmic body.


“If you are good at lifting weights and are a budding weightlifter, it is clear that you have the ability to lift weights, but there is certainly a limit to your ability to lift weights. For example,
you may have no difficulty in lifting weights up to 150 KG but, beyond that, you may fail miserably. Thus, it would be better to say that the man has a capability to lift up to 150 KG of
weight. Capability, as the name implies, certainly places a cap on the ability of a person. However, it is also the potential that a kid can realize if he has the ability in a particular field.”
If a kid of 5 has the ability to perform basic gymnastic exercises, experts assess the kid’s capability in terms of his/her potential. If a player makes his debut shows glimpses of his
brilliance, selectors realize his capability and give him chances to live up to his potential in later games.”


Each of us has our own ability and it can be anything under the sun. Some of us realise it, and some of us don’t. Some of us have a unique ability and some of us share certain ability with others. When we were young, we looked up at actors, actresses, athletes, politicians and other famous people and ponder if we can be as strong, famous and influential as them. We have the capability to be like them, but decisions making, planning, luck and fate play a big part during the journey.