SME Summit 2010


Our very own FOCUS Adventure Managing Director, Andrew Chua was invited as one of the SME Leaders during the SME Internt Summit 2010 held at Suntec. Different Leaders from Asia had came together during this 2 days event to share their views and ideas about on how much influence the internet has on the market today.


“We get people to climb tall towers, jump off and ask them how they feel about it…” – Andrew Chua

After the opening by Dr Leong Mun Kew, Mr Andrew Chua got on the Panelist to discuss and share his experience in running FOCUS Adventure with the help of the Internet.

The topic addressed:
In conversation with SME Leader: What can the internet do for your business? The role of the internet in SMEs growth strategies

Mr Andrew Chua and other SME leaders also provided answers and opinions to questions from the audience.


Besides discussions about online strategies, new tools and trends that can maximise the potential of the Internet was introduced.


Online Retailer owners from Uniqduo and GotDressed also came to de-mystify the art of running successful websites.

From case study to social media, the 2 days event provided insights and ideas to leaders on how best to utilise the Internet for their business.

FOCUS Adventure is honoured to be given the opportunity to contribute in such an inspiring event!