Race me a MediaCorp Soap Box Derby 2012


FOCUS ADVENTURE at Race Me – A MediaCorp Soap Box Derby

FOCUS Adventure strongly believes that 360° learning and feedback benefit each and everyone in the organization. Thus, when such opportunity comes along, we seized it! It was on a rare occasion when our colleague found an interesting advertisement and circulated it to the entire team! An email promoting a MediaCorp event, Soap Box Derby, caught everybody’s attention. Everyone went “SOAP-WHAT?!”

What exactly is soap-box? It is simply a small racing car without engine. It began back in the 1930’s where availability of toys and fun were limited and what the children in the United States had was just an old soap box (a wooden box where soap was stored in) and wheels from old baby carriage. The wheels were attached to the box, where the children sat in and raced down the street. That was the creation of “SOAP BOX”. In the past, it instilled fun, laughter, part of growing up and creates memories for children. Today, Soap Box Derby is a high technology vehicle.

The event requires a TEAM of four to register, collect the chassis and get ready to compete. Our organization was not solely represented by the TEAM of four. From the designing to constructing and launching phase, everyone was involved! An internal design contest was held to encourage partners to sketch their concept. The selected design was derived from one of our famous activities – The Finger Blaster Challenge.


The biggest challenge faced was the construction phase. The shipment of the chassis/kart was delayed for a week due to a typhoon condition in China. The TEAM had less than 2 weeks to complete the Soap Box! Thankfully, we have a group of talented and devoted partners who are willing to sacrifice their time and effort, piecing the final product together.


The next challenge was launching the chassis. The course is a 75m by 5m ramp, with a 25° angle down and a curve-in ramp at the U-Turn bend. Chassis have to stay intact throughout the course and no engine is allowed. Everything is based purely on physics – Gravity! There are 3 awards – Best Timing, Best Dressed Team and Best Crash. Certainly, if we are not fast enough then we are going to crash our chassis, second to none!


Race aside, it was definitely an eye-opening event for our partners and the opportunity to make an appearance in front of the MediaCorp Channel 5 cameras. Not forgetting, meeting some of their favorite MediaCorp Artistes in person. We did not win any of the awards (Yes, we tried to crash our chassis but failed), but there are certain aspects we gained through the event. With FOCUS Adventure methodology – Experiential Learning – “Learn by Doing”, we will be coming up with our very own SOAPBOX challenge for companies who are seeking something unique and exciting!