Community Involvement Project 2011


In 2011, FOCUS Adventure made a conscious decision to play our part to give back to society. This new project would be part of our Corporate Social Responsibility CSR initiative.

But then came the dilemma of what should we do? And what can we do? And who should we select as our beneficiary? Simply put, we wanted something that would enable us to encourage a positive impact through a simple act/gesture not just from our FOCUS staff but from our clients and participants as well.

The idea came from our managing director Mr Andrew Chua, to make use of our newly acquired ice cream freezer. Hmm… ice cream… donation… adults…kids… then Poof! Everything just fell into place. What better way to help disadvantaged children then by appealing to the kid in every one of us with the ever irresistible ice cream treat! We felt that this would provide an ideal opportunity to gently but proactively encourage our community to stop and think about helping the less fortunate.

So it was set, we FOCUS Adventure would sponsor and stock up our ice cream freeze with box loads of delicious ice cream and offer them to every single participant. Each individual in turn will find it in their heart to make a donation of at least a dollar for each ice cream they choose. All funds contributed will then help all the deserving kids from the Singapore Children’s Society.

As quoted by Andrew Chua, our Director, ‘Children are the future!’ With this project, we hope that we can play a small but significant part to create awareness and ensure the children of Singapore are given an adequate chance to maximize their potential.

Catalyst for Growth, Development & Change

Following our company’s mission of being the catalyst for growth, development and change, we believe that it is important that we give back to society.

We aim to inspire action through everyone who passes through FOCUS Adventure’s Sentosa site. It is easy to write a cheque and wipe responsibility off our conscious but we believe that through enabling action, people will be reminded that small acts too make a difference. Not only will clients and staff alike undergo personal and Team growth in FOCUS Adventure, it is hoped that they will also dig deep to give out of the overflow of their pockets.

All ice cream in stock will be fully sponsored by FOCUS Adventure, and all 100% of the proceeds will be wholly turned over to Singapore Children Society.

Do remember to drop and donate for a worthy cause! Thank you! :)