PokeGO Party at Sentosa

Around 40 participants comprising of clients and their loved ones travelled down to Sentosa, The State of Fun on 23rd October 2016 to participate in the PokeGO Party, hosted by the combined effort of FOCUS Adventure and Outdoor Adventures.

With their own strategies in mind, participants went out in different directions after the briefing in a bid to win top prizes for the Highest Combat Power Pokemon caught during the party, as well as the “Most Liked” Instagram photos with the hash tags #FOCUSAdventure and #PokeGOParty.

Participants were spoilt of choice for Pokestops to go to as the FOCUS Adventure and Outdoor Adventures facilitators continuously placed lures at all Pokestops along the entire stretch of beach from 11am to 3pm. Visitors were also invited to join in the fun of catching Pokemons too.

By 2.30pm, most of the participants were already heading back to the end point to register their catch of the day with most looking tired, but satisfied. While the scores were being tabulated, participants enjoyed a trip back to their childhood as episodes of Pokemon were screened in our function room, starting from the very first season.

By the end of the party, FOCUS Adventure and Outdoor adventures gave out $260 worth of ITunes and Google play gift cards, and free Sailing sessions to 5 eventual winners and we congratulate them once more.

Participants also got to try their hands on our newest activities such as the Combat Laser Guns, Archery Tag and Bubble Soccer. It was indeed a pleasant sight watching the families and friends try out the activities and having fun.

We sincerely thank all the participants for joining in the fun and allowing us to spread the spirit of team and family bonding, especially to new friends that we met for the first time. We look forward to seeing you at the next event.