FOCUS Adventure - Challenge Series 2015 - 4th Quarter
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FOCUS Adventure - Testimonial of the Month
Jan 2015

" We had a very enjoyable time. The challenges really helped us to bond as a Team and also helped to bring out the strengths (and weaknesses) of our Teams, which we will take back to the workplace and develop on. Once you have sent us the videos and pictures, it will be interesting to go through them to see ourselves in action. In the meantime, we would also like to thank the Project Manager, Lead Facilitator and the Team for helping us with the planning and facilitation of the programme. Thanks again for making this a memorable programme. "
Darren and Serene, Borouge Pte Ltd

Feb 2015

" The programme was a huge success and rated by our colleagues as the best of all programmes we had so far. The whole programme and activities were well organised and kudos to the FOCUS Facilitator. We all had an enjoyable time and great teambonding with colleagues across departments. All the activities including the energisers were well-planned and executed. Hats off to the Instructor for preparing the slideshow in a short period and it was very thoughtful of your Team to send us all the photos and videos. Even those who couldn't make it, had vicarious fun watching the video."
Vidya Jayaraman, Development Consultant Specialist, CSG International

Mar 2015

" We would like to say a big thank you for making our teambuilding programme a success! The participants really enjoyed both the energizers and The Incredible Race! Special shout-out to the facilitators that made the programme truly lively and brought out the spirit amongst the participants. Looking forward to working with FOCUS Adventure in the coming future. "
Karen Kee, Operations Specialist, Hospira

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