FOCUS Adventure in Singapore and elsewhere

"FOCUS Adventure Singapore and elsewhere" is a new series in our newsletter in which we introduce our local as well as overseas teams and facilities.

KOKOMO Beach Club

In this first part of our series, we would like to introduce KOKOMO Beach Club in Hainan, China to you. A state-of-the-art Beach Club at a beautiful beach in Hainan, not far from Sanya. A lot of developments have happened here in the past few years and further significant developments are still ongoing. Residential apartments, as well as global hotel chains have risen at this beautiful site. Catering to all those is our KOKOMO Beach Club with outstanding facilities for eating, drinking, Karaoke, recreational activities such as ATVs, Jetskis and many others. All these facilities can be made available for an unforgettable teambuilding as well.
Aside from the above mentioned we will soon have a Team Challenge Hourglass available for you in right at the beach next to our Beach Club as well. A 30 metre high structure shaped like an hourglass which you can only overcome with strong team work.
Find our more about KOKOMO Beach Club here >>
In our next newsletter you can find out more about FOCUS Adventure India! Also, we are always keen to expand and look into touching more people's lives, so should you have any interest in introducing the FOCUS Adventure brand to your country we are happy to discuss this with you. Just contact us via

Programmes conducted under FOCUS Adventure are qualified for the PIC

The PIC Scheme was announced in Budget 2010 to encourage businesses to invest in productivity and innovation. Under this scheme, your company may enjoy enhanced tax deduction of qualifying training expenditure.
Six Qualifying Activities:
  • Acquisition and leasing of PIC Information Technology (IT) and Automation Equipment;
  • Training of employees;
  • Acquisition and In-licensing of Intellectual Property Rights;
  • Registration of patents, trademarks, designs and plant varieties;
  • Research and development activities; and
  • Design projects approved by DesignSingapore Council.

PIC Approved

From YAs 2013 to 2015, your business may also enjoy a PIC Bonus, a dollar-for-dollar matching cash bonus given on top of the existing 400% tax deductions/allowances and/or 60% cash payout.

FOCUS Adventure exploring new opportunities

Kukup Island by kayak

The "Adventure" in or name is more than just a word. We do not only provide our clients with an adventurous experience but we live the spirit of adventure ourselves.

That's why we like to explore new opportunities ourselves and if suitable offer them to our clients as new and fresh programmes for them to consider.

The latest of these explorations took us to Kukup kayak.

From 29 - 30 December 2013, FOCUS completed a 35 kilometre-long trip to Kukup Island within 6 hours in tandem kayaks despite the strong wind.
The Journey began at Raffles Marina, stopping by at Merambong and Pelepas Island and finished in Kukup Island which is located at about 1 km offshore from the 150 year-old fishing village in Pontian, Johor.

We enjoyed the charm and beautiful scenery while experiencing the kayaking which was full of fun and adventure. We had a rustic seafood dinner that truly replenished our energy! It will be a memorable trip for everyone of us here!

Should you be interested in doing a similar trip with your team, just get in touch with us as we are more than happy to customize your team's individual adventure for you.

Facilities rental with our sister company CAMP CHALLENGE

Facilities Rental

CAMP CHALLENGE Sembawang is ideal for outdoor programmes such as church camps, school orientation, team building and other forms of group activities. Our campsite seats on 3 hectare of activities spaces and is able to accommodate up to 800 people. Pick and choose from a wide selection of function spaces and outdoor activities to match your needs. Function rooms, dormitories, High and Low Elements, Multipurpose areas and even a Paintball site offer a wide range of possibilities. CAMP CHALLENGE Sembawang offers probably the most value for money function space in Singapore.
To find out more, enquire via

FOCUS Adventure - Testimonial of the Month
Jan 2014

" Overall programme and activities were exciting. Time for team members to feedback on how they felt after each activity allow them to understand the objective of each activity and some took this opportunity to voice out.

We enjoyed the day of fun and laughter. Programme and activities were well organised and were able to engage our members to work together to achieve their targets. The Lead Facilitator was able to lead the members during feedback time after each activity and he was able to relate it to the work place situation. "
Vivien Tan, Dexerials Singapore Pte Ltd

Feb 2014

" The programmes were well planned and the activities were well organised and conducted. A very lively and encouraging session which you will never feel bored. From the activities, I learned to take fear as an opportunity for success. "
Mrs Loy Wei Sun, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority

Mar 2014

" I enjoy every team building with FOCUS as they are always creative with different activities. I like The Angry Bird Trebuchet Challenge! which I attended that day. Great work done by the team and continue to inject more fun to many others. Best wishes always! "
Kam Ying Kit, NTUC Club

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