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FOCUS Consulting

FOCUS Consulting specialises in facilitation. At the heart of FOCUS Consulting is our belief that the solutions lies in the people and facilitation enables organisations to harness valuable ideas and insights from within. We adopt a facilitative consulting approach towards organisation development because facilitation:

1. Breaks down traditional organisation boundaries
2. Enables people to explore and learn as a team
3. Develop consensus and build commitment

FOCUS Consulting and FOCUS Adventure

FOCUS Consulting is the process facilitation wing of FOCUS Adventure. Although both uses facilitation as the primary methodology, the nature and purpose of each programme is different. A FOCUS Adventure programme is usually packed with team based activities that are fun, challenging and exciting. Through the principles of Adventure Learning, FOCUS Adventure uses facilitation to develop leadership and other team attributes. On the other hand, FOCUS Consulting is more about finding solutions to issues. FOCUS Consulting requires participant to engage in deep conversation and uses facilitation for problem solving, planning and consensus building.

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The Angry Bird Trebuchet Challenge!

The Angry Bird Trebuchet Challenge!

Dish out revenge on your opponents with our very own The Angry Bird Trebuchet Challenge! Teams are challenged to design and build the trebuchet, a medieval siege weapon, to protect the castle from the invasion of the enemy.

Team members need to use logic, physics, wits and brute force to annihilate the enemy's fortress. As part of the process, members must also decide on the projectile mass, the launch angle and the counter-weight mass to launch the perfect attack!

The objective of this challenge is to trust and communicate with fellow troopers to coordinate strategies and changes that happen very frequently in our daily work. Achieve victory as a team and triumph in The Angry Bird Trebuchet Challenge!
The Angry Bird Trebuchet Challenge!

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Special "Retreat" Package - Teambuilding @ Village Hotel Changi

- Complimentary use of meeting room
- Choice of ONE teambuilding package from FOCUS Adventure
- Complimentary buffet lunch and coffee breaks
- Complimentary use of LCD projector and screen, whiteboard,
   flipchart, assorted markers writing materials
- Complimentary bottled drinking water
Teambuilding @ Village Hotel Changi

Half Day Package at $158 ++ per pax
Full Day Package at $208 ++ per pax

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For enquiries, please email to info@FOCUSAdventure.com

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CAMP CHALLENGE - Our Sister Company


Member of Social Enterprise Association

We are proud to announce that CAMP CHALLENGE is now a member of the Social Enterprise Association. As part of our movement towards a wider Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) role, a portion of CAMP CHALLENGE's revenue will be directed towards pro-bono and subsidised programmes for underprivileged youths. With your support, we can continue to provide underprivileged youths the opportunities to learn, grow and develop.

People who have benefitted from subsidised and pro-bono services/programmes include:

- Melrose's Children's Home
- Beyond Social Services
- Children Cancer Foundation
- Children Society of Singapore
- Lakeside Family Services
- Life Community Social Services
- Jamiyah Childrens' Home
- Malay Youth Literary Association
- Reach Community
- Rotary Family Service Centre
- Tender Loving Care Student Care Centre
- Serangoon Moral Family Service Centre
- South East Community Development Council
- YMCA of Singapore
- Yusra (Nayang Technological Univeristy
  Muslim Society)
- Chong Hua Tong Tou Teck Hwee Youth Group
- Life Community Services Society
- MWR Singapore Youth Centre
- National Cadet Corp
- Raleigh Society
- Royal Rangers
- St Hilda Community Services Centre
- TOUCH Family Services

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FOCUS Adventure - Testimonial of the Month
Oct 2013

" This was at least my fourth experience being in a teamwork activities with FOCUS Adventure since I moved to Singapore - and all of them were excellent! "
Adi Prabowo, Director, Johnson & Johnson

Nov 2013

" Though The GeoCaching Challenge! was tough and on foreign grounds, we glued together through thick and thin just to get the 20 questions answered. A Challenge that saw the teams working co-operatively and tolerating each other's different opinion and attitude. A pleasant price to pay to find each other's real personality. Fun all the way .... Well Done FOCUS! Without them we would not have enjoyed that much. "
Sally Yin, Personal Assistant, Leitz Tooling Asia Pte Ltd

Dec 2013

" We have enjoyed the program and had a great time with it. And truly, this activity has certainly further strengthened the bond between medical and marketing function for better collaboration. I would like to thank FOCUS very much for the great planning and execution of the program. "
Jasmine, Mundipharma Pte Ltd

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For further enquiries, please contact us at info@FOCUSAdventure.com