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Adventure Learning @ Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Wildlife Reserves Singapore

FOCUS Adventure is proud to work closely with Wildlife Reserves Singapore to offer more exciting venues under our belt of Corporate Adventure Learning Programmes. These venues include both Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park where participants get to relive memories from their childhood; experience close encounters with the wildlife and at the same time forge closer bonds with their colleagues. With such unique environment for corporate teambuilding, we guarantee to change the way you perceive of the usual teambuilding activities in a function room.

New Programmes

The Incredible Singapore Zoo Race The Birdpark Adventure

The Incredible Zoo Race!
is another popular Adventure Learning programme that FOCUS Adventure have received a lot of positive feedback from our participants. This programme is customized specially to be carried out at the Singapore Zoo. The Singapore Zoo is well-known for its walk-through exhibits that bring animals and visitors together in one space for incredibly intimate encounters. Wander into the spectacular diversity of the Fragile Forest where flying foxes soar freely, mouse deers tread gingerly across your path, and ring-tailed lemurs bask in full view on the open sundeck. Also finally we get to see the adorable pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia.

The Incredible Zoo Race! is bound to provide a memorable time and a different experience for all our participants that they have never encounter before!


The Bird Park Adventure!
is a full day programme that consists of two segments, a Race around Jurong Bird Park and trying out our new The Angry Bird Trebuchet programme in the latter part of the day. Being home to over 5,000 birds with 380 species, The Bird Park Adventure! will take participants through the sounds and sights of the Jurong Bird Park in a challenging environment. Participants get the chance to watch the bird shows and marvel at the different species of the birds and their special abilities. For the lucky ones, they might even have the opportunity to interact with the "stars" up-close and personal!

As we end the Bird Park Adventure, fun does not stop there! Participants will receive materials to build their own mighty trebuchet and 'Angry Birds' - clay figurine which they mould it themselves and get to keep the figurine as a souvenir at the end of the programme.

Teams will then challenge each other to battle, only the best will triumph!

Integrated with innovative corporate adventure learning methodology to fuel up team spirit and strengthen team bonding, The Bird Park Adventure! and The Incredible Zoo Race! is able to bring out values of:

  • Change Management
    Learn the need to be flexible and adaptable to the changes occurring during the race

  • Strategic planning
    Importance of planning so that maximum points can be accumulated with the minimum time required

  • Team support
    Learn the need to support and take care of one another whilst carrying out the race

  • Leadership
    Learn to take ownership of the team's results

So count on us as we bring you through another Adventure Learning programme at the Wildlife Reserves. We create a world where more will be inspired to learn, appreciate and respect the animals whom we share our planet with!

Proud Sponsor of Jet Ski King's Cup

Jet Ski King's Cup

FOCUS Adventure is proud to have sponsored the Jet-Ski China National Team from the China Marine Sports School, who participated in the annual TJSBA King's Cup, World Grand Prix 2012 at Pattaya, Thailand last December! The spectacular Jet-Ski King's Cup was started in year 2009 and features Novice, Amateur and Pro Jet-Ski races. Spectators had the chance to watch the adrenaline-pumping races of top racers from 32 countries around the world from the Grand Stand!

Our China racer, Fan Zhi Xiong, 24, representing the China National Team arrived first time in Pattaya two days before the race. During the Opening Ceremony at the official hotel, the racers from the different countries were introduced and Thailand's rich cultural background was showcased in various performances.

Fan Zhi Xiong took part in the Amateur Roundabout 800 race category. It was his first time participating in a Jet-Ski race overseas. It was indeed an unforgettable experience for Zhi Xiong to be able to take part in such a large scale Jet-ski race away from home and we are proud to announce that he managed to clinch the 5th position in his category.

Aside from the races, we also hosted our China "guests" to the famous Tiffany's Show which impressed with its glitz and glamour. Authentic Thai massage and true Thai cuisine were also part of the team's experience in Thailand. On this note, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Pusan Nakonpathom who not only provided tremendous technical support for the race, but also the hospitality and friendship during our days in Pattaya.

After a 6-day trip to Pattaya, our FOCUS Adventure team went home not just with wonderful memories of the exciting jet-ski races, but also, having forged a well bonded team spirit with the China National Team from China Marine Sports School that goes beyond sponsoring!

Basic Facilitator Course 21

BFC 21

On the 30th of January, a group of 16 individuals started their Basic Facilitator Course (BFC) 21 journey, all the way till the 3rd of February. For 5 days, this group of strangers bonded over the challenges they faced and made their way through self discovery, laughter, overcoming various obstacles in the spirit of team work.

BFC is scheduled to fit in as many FOCUS Adventure activities as possible for the participants to go through and understand FOCUS's methodology on experiential learning. The course is an assessment to identify suitable individuals who aspired to be a FOCUS Facilitator and is also opened to any Company's personnel such as Human Resource Managers, Trainers who want to benefit and learn relevant facilitation skills.

As each of the activities is customized to emphasize the various elements of teambuilding, the experiences ranged from encouraging and supporting each other through physical and mental activities to understanding each other better by using profiling tools as a foundation; resulting in higher tolerance and respect.

Another objective, unique for BFC participants was the preparation and facilitation of activities which was showcased on the last day of the course. As most of the participants were new to FOCUS Adventure, the feelings were mixed with anticipation, excitement as well as not knowing what to expect, but they all went in with a good attitude and ready to step out of their comfort zone. The high number of activities being carried through 5 consecutive days, tied the diverse group together as if they had known each other for a much longer time.

Throughout the course, each participant had his/her personal learning points and achievements. BFC is a course which can unleash great potential, it's up to each participant how much take away they will gain at the end of the course.

That's how amazing going through "Where every moment is a challenge" with an open mind is and readiness to encourage and support your team mates can do. Especially in an environment where experienced facilitators can guide you to extract how you can best contribute and incorporate the take away into your daily life.

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