NAC – Bird Park The Monopoly Challenge!

FOCUS Adventure kicked off the year with one of our new activities, The Monopoly Challenge! held at the Jurong Bird Park Singapore. Like any Monopoly game, this activity allows participants to “acquire” the properties (represented by enclosures and landmarks within the bird park), and upgrade them, of course these properties can also be STOLEN or teams made BANKRUPT too!

The incorporation of this new element adds colours to our usual structure of race where participants not only have to attempt to complete the photo quizzes and get back to the checkpoint in time, they also have to strategize amongst themselves to make sure they come back as the LARGEST property owner!

It was a session that fired up the teams’ competitive spirits, while forcing them to come together as a group to carefully strategize and plan ahead! Overall, the program was a great success and everyone went home feeling a little richer!