Press Articles

Date Source Title
1 February 2016 HRM
The region’s best team building training providers
12 November 2015 Singapore Management University
The MPA Teambuilding Challenge
11 November 2014 TTGmice Teambuilding
23 September 2014 POWERBOAT P1 P1 To Add Singapore To International Race Calendar
9 September 2014 TODAY Power Boat Revival Set For Singapore
20 November 2013 TTGmice Team Building at Sea
1 August 2012 Asia Travel Exclusives Top 5 Must-Dos in Bintan
November 2011 TTGmice Remedy: Team Challenge
September 2010 CEI Asia Best of Bintan
2010 Client Knowing Me Knowing You;Getting to know you;
June 2010 Business Times Big Business (ad)ventures
April 2010 SinChew Daily Sibu Media Visit
December 2009 HRM Strengthen the knot – The latest MICE teambuidling options
January 2009 Holiday Inn Calender (September) ATV in Holiday Inn Calender
Decemeber 2008 Celebrating the Singapore Spirit (NDP 2008 Journey) Dune Buggies in National Day Parade 2008
November 2008 Where2Go Basking In Beauty
November 2008 Cleo Get Away – Destination: Bintan
24th November 2008 U Weekly Travel
25th September 2008 Today paper JETSKI SAFARI – The Fast and the relaxed
16th June 2008 LE MERIDIEN She Shan Shanghai Learncentives in Shanghai
24th May 2008 FOCUS Adventure Dynamics CRM
27th November 2007 我报 Team Building 好煮意
January 2007 SPN Make it a team effort
25 June 2006 Sunda Times Life Lessons
March 2006 Bintan Lagoon Resorts Bintan Lagoon Resorts
February 2006 Bintan Lagoon Resorts Get focused!
February 2006 Millenia Art of Life One for the troops
2006 HRM supplement Issue 6.10 Incorporate LEGO into your teambuilding! Serious play time!
June 2005 Great Eastern Conquering Mount Ophir
March 2005 Human Capital The Basics of Team Building
29th July 2004 STREATS Rams hit Bull’s eye
8th April 2001 The Sunday Times Firms strike out for Adventure Learning
August Bi-Monthly 2000 NewsLine Train-centives, team-building and motivation
4th July 1999 The Sunday Times Boss, Let’s jump together
February 1999 Bi-Monthly Traincentives
February 1999 Bi-Monthly Training Facilities Open in Bintan

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