LooLa CSR Trip

On 27th December 2016, a total of 16 partners from FOCUS Adventure and sister companies – CAMP CHALLENGE and Outdoor Adventures, visited LooLa Adventure Resort, an award winning eco-resort based in Bintan. It was a huge milestone for us, marking the first combined overseas CSR trip for the 3 sister companies.

Upon arrival, the team was greeted by the friendly local staff and the owner and CEO of LooLa Adventure Resort, Dr Marc Van Loo. We are extremely honored by Marc’s presence, as he introduced us to the sustainability concept that LooLa thrives and functions on, which has won many awards and accolades for the resort.

The main objective of this trip is for the team to be meaningfully engaged in a local CSR project. Together with the support and help from the staff, the team built a wastewater garden for a local household. There are many health and environmental benefits of the garden, which recycles the household’s wastewater and delivers it back cleanly into the water table. The UNICEF designed garden is part of an international research program backed by WBCSD and NUS, and we are happy to be able to contribute our part in this global project!