Hari Raya Celebration! 25 March 2020

Sustaining the economy and helping out our neighbouring countries!
The crisis that struck the world since January 2020 has left many people vulnerable, emotional and financially stressed. Hari Raya is near the corner and since the circuit breaker is in motion, we decided to make ‘Bandung’ for our Malaysian residences residing in Singapore. Bandung is a popular drink in India, Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore. Bandung consists of either condensed or evaporated milk along with rose syrup, giving it the nice sweet pink look. On top of that, we also attempted to bring up the spirits of Hari Raya through the lights and music around our campsite. It was a good day for everyone and the CSR team is satisfied. Next aim is our main Hari Raya CSR event! Please stay tune!