During this pandemic, CAMP CHALLENGE found a new approach to be AGILE during this period by lending a helping hand to our brothers and sisters across the border, as Malaysia announced its MCO. During this lockdown, our dear neighbours were struggling to find accommodation in Singapore as many of them decided to cross the border to stay in Singapore to continue earning for their livelihoods. News had reported that some were sleeping at the MRT stations and we were told by some companies who seek accommodations with us that their workers were staying in the warehouse or carparks. Hence, out of compassion and care for our fellow Malaysian brothers and sisters, we prepared our available dormitories to host them, providing them with a shelter during this tough period!

As the MCO extended multiple times through the month, this meant that many of the workers had to spend Hari Raya in Singapore, while missing their families back at home. To boost the kampung spirit, our team decided to come up with several events such as giving out care packs in April, having a Bandung Day where we gave out iced Bandung with Raya cookies, as well as sharing free lunch bento in collaboration with Free Food For All on Hari Raya day itself.