FOCUS Adventure’s Challenge Technology and Skills (FACTS) on 16 – 18 November 2015

The FACTS workshop allows us to gain in depth understanding of FOCUS Adventure’s unique approaches and practices used in Adventure Learning that differentiate us from the other market players. The FACTS workshop gives us the opportunities to experience great real life examples of the learning concepts through the activities and with that, we are able to translate them into learning/debrief points.

As an individual with the company, we are able to understand how our Facilitators facilitate and deliver effective and engaging learning programme for our clients. We also learn how we can customise our programmes to best meet various clients’ designed learning outcome.

Feedback from Participants:

• Very Effective and Enriching. I was able to learn a lot from the programme.
• Highly Recommended
• It was a very enriching experience of learning both from the Facilitator and participants. A time well spent at this workshop!
• Concise, light hearted programme
• You have made what you do an art Joey. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and the group!
• Joey is a very good Facilitator. Very good and nice and able to explain things clearly. Thank you!
• Well planned and thought out course. Gain many insights on facilitation and good depth of knowledge covered.