FOCUS Adventure Malaysia Sdn Bhd inks contract with RnF Princess Cove

Located just beside the causeway, FOCUS Adventure Malaysia will manage a full scale Marina and the current Asian Yachting Academy.

Scheduled to be open in 1st Quarter of 2021, the site will be developed from the current AYA to the Johor Yacht Club in 2022.

Asian Yachting Academy currently offers the full scale ISSA program in Malaysia . (Asian Yachting Academy Brochure)

AYA will also offer a full scale SeaOPS program at Puteri Cove

The site is primed to be the Yachting Centre for Johor and Singapore as it is located just 800m from the new light rail station at Bukit Chagar

For Johoreans and Singaporeans, access to site is made so convenient !

We look forward to welcome you to the Asian Yachting Academy at RnF Princess Cove