Fall In!

On 8 July 2017, FOCUS Adventure conducted a first ever large scale military-themed boot camp for an entire company of almost 200 participants, based on the belief that a team that goes through difficulties together grows closely together. Starting the day off with their company song and pledge to verbalize their commitment, the participants started off with 5BX (5 Basic Exercises) with facilitators role-playing drill instructors putting participants through push-ups and sit-ups whenever their movements were slow. Although sluggish and confused initially, as the day progressed the entire company grew closer and started moving quicker and more coordinated. In an unprecedented move, the entire company of almost 200 participants all did each low element together at the same time, the largest group we have ever had do an element together. Despite space constraints limiting the number of participants clearing the obstacles at any point of time, what was heart-warming was seeing the rest of the company cheering on and supporting colleagues and friends who were on the obstacles, and working together as one unit to overcome all the challenges. Even being given canned food to do outdoor cooking for their lunch did not managed to break their spirits. Overall, it was an impactful day both for the participants, overcoming challenges together as an entire company, as well as for our FOCUS Adventure facilitators, who were pushed out of their comfort zone, but stayed undaunted to deliver a quality programme.