Edwards Lifesciences kicks off Year 2017 with first CSR Challenge for CCF

On 7th January, we are delighted to hold our first CSR CHALLENGE! – The Supermarket Race Challenge! for 2017. A total of 26 participants from Edwards Lifesciences (HR and Finance Department) had participated in this event. The participants raced around Sentosa and Vivocity, attempting team based challenges to earn the grocery list and budget to purchase the items from the supermarket. The purchased items will be for one of our official beneficiaries – Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF). Working closely with CCF in identifying their needs, the items bought will be given to their children during CCF’s annual children’s camp. As part of CCF’s effort to normalize camp experiences for their children and aid in their development, the 2017 children’s camp was themed “Shine like Stars”. We sincerely hope that the groceries will be put to good use during the camp, in giving energy and a boost to the children! On behalf of CCF and FOCUS Adventure, we will like to give our appreciation to Edwards Lifesciences for their contribution and their efforts in partaking in this meaningful teambuilding event!

For more information on CCF and our CSR Challenge, please visit http://www.FOCUSAdventure.com/about-us/corporate-social-responsibility.