The Sustainability Challenge!


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6 March 2020 Recce trip to St John Island – Exploration and Adventure awaits!

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It was a fulfilling trip to St John Island, along with our partners from various government statutory boards and schools. Hiking around the island gave us a chance to learn and understand the different types of endangered plants and life in St John Island. The more important underlying message was about raising the awareness of taking care of the environment. Sustainability is everyone’s duty towards us and Mother Earth and hence, the CSR team aims to develop and run sustainability-based programme! The possibilities of outdoor adventure learning on the island is limitless, from going there by sea (kayaks, dragon boat etc) to nature walks and even a sustainability-themed environment excursion for both kids and adults! If you are interested to find out more, feel free to contact us at

22 Feb 2020 A walk to appreciate Mother Nature!

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What may seem ordinary from a distance may be more than meets the eye! That was how we felt when we took a stroll during low tide near the shores of Raffles Marina. We had to be cautious with each step as you may not know; there might be living creatures right under your feet. Even a closer look at the trees would amaze you as it is filled with different life forms coexisting together. Environmental education is enlightening as it teaches you that no matter how small or trivial, beautiful looking or not, all organism contribute to the ecosystem. It is our aim to also reach out with regards to the importance of the environment and that all of us play a part to keeping our Earth clean! The best part is to enlighten our next generation to be able to appreciate the outdoors! Hence if you are interested feel free to contact us at