Corporate Social Responsibility

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FOCUS Adventure firmly believes in making a difference in the society. Being an official registered Social Enterprise under raiSE.

The CSR team in FOCUS Adventure not only brings an impact to the participants, but also to our beneficiaries as well. We strive to build the connection with underprivileged children and youths through our Adventure Learning methodology, creating more opportunities by equipping them with leadership skills and a positive attitude, thus allowing them to independently open more employment opportunities through our internship programmes.

If your company is looking to do a teambuilding programme and yet to also impact the society.

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“The most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling… but it is even more beautiful to know that you are the reason behind it!”

CSR Programmes

The Robotics Challenge The Build a Bike Challenge The Lego Challenge The Giving heARTs
CSR Robotics challenge! The Build-a-Bike challenge! CSR Lego Challenge! The heARTs Challenge!
The Gracious Giving Challenge! The Super Market Challenge the Sustainability Challenge
The Gracious Giving Challenge! The Supermarket race The Sustainability Challenge!


The year 2018 is coming to an end. As we begin our journey into the New Year. The CSR team is continuing to grow and aims to reach out to more people. We are happy to say we have hit our target of completing 50 CSR programmes for 2018 (As shown in the diagram). It was definitely not an easy feat but having a team of enthusiastic and passionate individuals who are ever ready to giving back to society, it seems like nothing is impossible!Scroll down to read more on our achievements for 2018!


Total No. of CSR Programmes till date – 109

      No. of CSR Programmes in 2018 – 50
      No. of CSR Programmes in 2017 – 39
    No of CSR Programmes in 2016 – 20



Currently in 2018, we have donated a total of 140 bicycles to the youths, orphanages and to family service centres.

Social Enterprise Subsidy


Total No. of CSR Programmes till date – 109

In terms of subsidies for our beneficiaries our total SOCIAL ENTERPRISE SUBSIDY for 2018 is S$ 71,422.00

1. BSS – 50 pax – Volunteers Appreciation – S$7,200.00
2. Big Love – 10 families (50 pax) – S$ 3,700.00
3. FaithActs – 20 pax – Birthday/CNY – S$ 3,450.00
4. HCHF – 20 pax – Volunteers Appreciation – S$ 5,300.00
5. ItsRainingRaincoats – 100 pax – Migrants Fun Day – S$ 10,900.00
6. Metta Home (Youth Corps) – 75 pax – Sponsorship – S$ 1,500.00
7. MINDS (Tampines) – 20 pax – Teambuilding Challenge! – S$ 1,065.00
8. The New Charis Mission – 54 pax – Teambuilding Challenge! – S$ 8,735.00


1. EQUAK ARK – 25 pax – Sponsor – S$1,500.00
2. raiSE – 42 pax – Process Facilitation – S$ 7,000.00
3. StarPALS – 200 pax – In Support – S$ 4,692.00
4. STUDENT CARE SERVICES – 250 pax – In support – S$ 2,100.00
5. Thye Hua Kwan – 40 pax –Teambuilding Challenge! – S$ 1,180.00
6. Trybe – 45 pax – TCH – S$ 5,900.00


1. CAMP SIMBA – 120 pax – In support – S$4,200.00
2. SG Rover Scouts – 60-80 pax – In Support – S$ 3,000.00

Constructing Robots for a Good Cause

On 24June 2019, 250 of our participants experienced what it meant to learn through play with the use of robotics, LEGO and SCRUM methodology. The teams engaged in challenges and brainstormed how to execute their ideas in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Besides having fun during the construction of the robots, at the end of the programme, those robots were donated to a beneficiary of their choice. On behalf of our beneficiaries, we would like to thank our clients for their efforts and contributions to make the world a better place!

Shaping youths and children’s attitudes through Adventure learning!

The CSR team was tasked for the fourth year running to create an impactful programme for the youth and children in Help Family Service Centre. The activities aimed to foster teambuilding, collaboration and the value of empathy by thinking in each other’s shoes. It was a fun filled day with the participants ascending our 24-metre tower, TEAM CHALLENGE HOURGLASS, a sharing session through LEGO building, and ending off with a mass dance with the staff and volunteers! It was heartening to hear from the staff that the youths have matured and grew from the previous run, and expressed their gratitude to our team for guiding them throughout these 4 years.

Learn Through Play

“Play gives children a chance to practice
what they are learning”
-Mr. Rogers

 On 25th January 2019, FOCUS Adventure together with our sister company, Camp Challenge, had the pleasure of hosting 23 students under our partner beneficiary, FaithActs to a fun-filled afternoon of creativity and laughter.As part of their monthly birthday celebrations programme, the children and youths took part in The Mascot Challenge! which was designed to increase interactions and communications among them as they sorted through various everyday items to create the most innovative and magnificent outfits for one another!Besides making them think out of the box and exercise their imagination, there was also a quiet message on the importance of sustainability, in the way they had to convert common everyday items into a new impactful mascot. They were also given the opportunity to share more about their very own creations, providing them with a platform for public speaking and self-confidence. Through this session, they learnt the importance of creativity, teamwork and sharing whilst playing and having fun. The day ended on a high note with a birthday song and cake cutting ceremony for all the January babies!

Creative hampers for a good cause


“Alone we can do so little;
together we can do much”
-Helen Keller

 As part of their Adventure Learning programme, one of our groups embarked on a mission of creating their very own hampers filled with items ranging from food supplies to everyday necessities.With a total approximate value of $3000 dollars of groceries donated to our beneficiary, Sheng Hong Family Service Centre; it was a day where fond memories and a sense of accomplishment were forged. Teams were put through endless challenges and negotiations as they worked together to create their unique hampers from scratch. By the end of the programme, everyone proudly presented their masterpieces; sharing their various thought processes and ideas behind each work of art. Of course not forgetting the key intent behind the programme, we thank all our participants for their enthusiasm and creativity on behalf on Sheng Hong Family Service Centre.

Client and youth working together, 2018 wrap up!

It is almost the end of the year! What a better way to wrap up 2018 with a meaningful CSR programme. The CSR team led 14 volunteers, and conducted a 2hour workshop for primary school kids, ranging from K2 (6 years old) to primary 6 (12 years old) on the 20th of December 2018.
The objective was to expose the kids to learning how to organise and to read instructions carefully. It started off as a challenge, although the volunteers were IT professions, handling kids became a new found challenge for most of them. However with patience and enthusiasm, the volunteers and children were able to work together in completing their objective. The children went home with a big smile on their faces because the programme ended off with some goodies to enjoy for the Christmas season, sponsored by our volunteers. It was a tiring but definitely a fun and fulfilling day for both the kids and the volunteers.

CSR Christmas and family fun activities

On the 15th of December, the CSR team dedicated their weekend to provide a fun filled day of activities and fun for the families from Big Love! Big Love is a Child Protection Specialist Centre managed by Montfort Care, a network of programmes committed to improving the lives of individuals, families and the community facing transitional challenges. Teams were being briefed on the main activity where they are required to complete a series of challenges to achieve their objective. Initially, families were very competitive however nearing the end of the activity, they realised that it was almost impossible to complete all of the tasks with the limited amount of time given. Hence they all work together hand in hand and managed to complete all of the tasks, just 1 minute before the deadline. It was an enjoyable day but it was also a meaningful one as Christmas was around the corner. The families all left with a nice Christmas card designed and given by their own loved ones!

All hands on deck, CSR programme on a cruise!

On the 30th of November 2018 to 3rd of December 2018, the representatives of Outdoor Adventures, FOCUS Adventure, CAMPCHALLENGE, and SeaOPS (FAOACCP1P). We conducted a Family Day Retreat for Club Rainbow on the Royal Carribean Voyager of the Seas recently venture on a 4 day 3 night cruise.
Club Rainbow is an organization that “support and empower children with chronic illnesses & their families by providing compassionate relevant services in their journey towards an enriching life”. Most often, these families would have to constantly worry about their child’s health. Hence, travelling overseas is a difficulty for them. Thus, the main objective of this Family Day Retreat was organized to provide families the opportunities to have fun and enjoy themselves!
To ensure the wellbeing of the families, there were also volunteer doctors who were also onboard to cater to any medical needs throughout the 4D3N cruise. The activities were customised to be able to have inclusive activities that engage everyone including those who were wheelchair bound. At the start, families were divided into teams to compete against one another. However towards the end, the activities became even more meaningful as the teams put strong emphasises on collaboration between the families from other teams and thus, everyone came out as the champions!
At the end of the day, Club Rainbow including the organizer, President and Executive Director, commented that they were really pleased with the programme and really loved how it engaged every single individual and families that were there. We would like to thank the team as well as the organising committee from Club Rainbow for their extreme passion, commitment and time given for this programme. We would also like to thank our sponsors from Kidzania, Adventure world and Glamping society for aiding in providing very useful materials that benefited greatly in this programme.

July wrapping for a cause!

On the 27th of July, we had a wooping 400+ pax CSR programme happening concurrently. Participants were constantly engaged as they are tasked in various challenges. But most importantly the whole objective of this programme was not to have fun together but to giving back to the society! It was a long day but kudos to all our participants for their great enthusiasm!

Making effort, Giving heARTs

On the 8th of June 2018, FOCUS Adventure travelled all the way to Batam to conduct our newly designed Giving heARTs Challenge. For this CSR activity, we reached out to various orphanages. Along with families from Singapore who willingly travelled all the way to volunteer for this programme. The participants planned and designed on various canvas and materials. They poured in a lot of encouraging words, heartfelt drawings of cartoon characters with an array of colours onto materials that they intend to give to the beneficiaries. The outcome does not merely come from the whole idea of giving to the needy, but also to educate children to learn about how privilege we are, being able to be appreciative and to cherish what we have. The biggest question would be, with what we have, how can we empower the people around us? We are sincerely happy to know that the orphans are able to use the materials to good use. On behalf of the orphanages and FOCUS Adventure, the CSR team would like to give thanks to our volunteers for their contribution and enthusiasm in partaking in this meaningful programme.

CSR Technological advancement!

In this modern era, technology is everywhere and it has become an essential part of our daily lives. Quoted by Matt Mullenweg, “Technology is best when it brings people together”. It is safe to say that we have unlocked this achievement because on the 23rd of May 2018, FOCUS Adventure has launched the very first CSR robotics challenge! Participants were given the task to build robots from scratch after which they will be teaching the less privilege children about robotics. The robotics challenge encourages teams to make use of their creativity to also complete a series of challenges. Through these engaging activities, FOCUS Adventure was not only able to give the participants a fresh new perspective on how technology has progressed, but also allowing the teams to work together to forge greater bonds amongst themselves. It was definitely a fulfilling programme and we look forward to bringing the education of technology and to share it with the less privilege.

New activities to put more smiles to other people

On the 4th of May 2018, FOCUS Adventure conducted our first Gracious Giving Challenge at our Tanjong Learning Facility in Sentosa. Participants pit their wits against the other teams through a series of challenges as they race against time. The objective is to encourage on leveraging on ones another’s strengths in order to be most efficient in the obstacles they face.

Teams were competitive and filled with energy. However at the end of the day, participants decided to work more closely together, showing more sincerity and efforts into wrapping up hampers for the beneficiaries.

Despite going through a challenging and long day under the hot sun, participants still expressed gratitude and fulfillment towards being able to create a positive impact in someone else’s life. Our participants shared that “it was only possible through hard work”, they “believed in one another”, “cultivating a successful mindset” and to “overcome procrastination”. On behalf of the recipients from our beneficiaries who have received the hampers, we would like to thank the participants for their great enthusiasm and efforts in giving back to society.