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FOCUS Adventure firmly believes in making a difference in the society. Being an official registered Social Enterprise under raiSE.

The CSR team in FOCUS Adventure not only brings an impact to the participants, but also to our beneficiaries as well. We strive to build the connection with underprivileged children and youths through our Adventure Learning methodology, creating more opportunities by equipping them with leadership skills and a positive attitude, thus allowing them to independently open more employment opportunities through our internship programmes.

If your company is looking to do a teambuilding programme and yet to also impact the society.

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The most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling… but it is even more beautiful to know that you are the reason behind it!

CSR Programmes

The Robotics Challenge The Build a Bike Challenge The Lego Challenge The Giving heARTs
CSR Robotics challenge! The Build-a-Bike challenge! CSR Lego Challenge! The heARTs Challenge!
The Gracious Giving Challenge! The Super Market Challenge  the Sustainability Challenge
The Gracious Giving Challenge! The Supermarket race The Sustainability Challenge!


Our Latest News!

Rolls Royce Supermarket challenge

Rolls Royce Supermarket Challenge!

On the 2nd of April 2018, a total of 220 participants from Rolls Royce participated in a full day teambuilding programme. Teams competed with each other to earning as much points in a Sentosa Incredible Race. They then continued racing towards Vivocity Giant supermarket to purchase as many groceries for one of our official beneficiaries – Pertapis Women and Children. ! On behalf of Pertapis and FOCUS Adventure, we will like to give our appreciation to Rolls Royce for their contribution and their efforts in partaking in this meaningful teambuilding event! Migrant worker FUN day out

Migrant worker FUN day out!

One way or another, the migrant workers in our country have definitely contributed greatly to the building of our nation’s infrastructure. To show appreciation to them, FOCUS Adventure CSR team organised our first ever FUN day out for 100 over of our migrant friends at FOCUS Adventure’s Sentosa Tanjong learning facility. Together with ItsRainingRaincoats and the help from Global Indian International School (10 students) and ITE College East (15 students) whom also participated in this event on the 25th of February 2018. The programme was rounded up, with both our migrant friends and students indulging in the Chinese New Year tradition of ‘Lo Hei’ and as well as lunch. We were please to have successfully broken the stereotypical mindset between migrant friends and youths, fostering teamwork and communication, teaching our future generation about compassion and awareness for the less fortunate and of course, to make this programme a memorable and enjoyable FUN day for our migrant friends and for the students! FaithActs


We hosted 20 students under FaithActs (a partner for CSR in FOCUS Adventure), on the 23rd of February 2018 at CampChallenge Sembawang learning facility, as part of our CSR initiative for the children. The children were able to get away from classroom setting and just enjoy themselves. They were educated about the importance of birthdays as well as to having fun and games! “Our youths are highly energised at outings and happy on birthday celebrations like this one! Special thanks to Focus Adventure facilitator, Berwin and the volunteers for organising the exciting party filled with surprises ” Jean Ong – FaithActs EQUAL_ARK On 22nd February 2017, FOCUS Adventure hosted 15 staff and scholars from EQUAL-ARK Singapore at our Sentosa Site. EQUAL-ARK is one of our official beneficiary, and they have helped many vulnerable youths remain engaged in the community through education and employment through their philosophy of equine-assisted learning. The EQUAL Scholars program have benefited over 150 beneficiaries from 30 institutions, allowing vulnerable youths to learn and develop skills in teamwork and social inclusion through specialized frameworks. The 15 of them participated in our Team Challenge Hourglass, which was the highlight of the day for them. It was definitely a big challenge for many of them, having to face their fear of heights and move together as a team. However, it was heartening to see their support and encouragement for each other, ensuring that no one in the team was left behind. We believe that this opportunity is valuable to them and to us, creating the interaction which will develop their social skills, enhance their team bonds and the ability to better control and manage their fears The Super Market Challenge! On 7th January, we are delighted to hold our first CSR CHALLENGE! – The Supermarket Race Challenge! for 2017. A total of 26 participants from Edwards Lifesciences (HR and Finance Department) had participated in this event. The participants raced around Sentosa and Vivocity, attempting team based challenges to earn the grocery list and budget to purchase the items from the supermarket. The purchased items will be for one of our official beneficiaries – Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF). Working closely with CCF in identifying their needs, the items bought will be given to their children during CCF’s annual children’s camp. As part of CCF’s effort to normalize camp experiences for their children and aid in their development, the 2017 children’s camp was themed “Shine like Stars”. We sincerely hope that the groceries will be put to good use during the camp, in giving energy and a boost to the children! On behalf of CCF and FOCUS Adventure, we will like to give our appreciation to Edwards Lifesciences for their contribution and their efforts in partaking in this meaningful teambuilding event!

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