Client’s Day 2018

FOCUS Adventure organised our Client’s Day on 29 August in appreciation of the continuous support our clients have shown over the years. Kicking off from our site, it was a chance to reconnect with some of our old clients, as well as a chance for our clients to network amongst themselves. Being on the sunny island of Sentosa, there was no way they would be staying indoors the entire afternoon, as they were soon flagged off to personally experience our new Augmented Reality (AR) based race, The Decrypt-The-Code Challenge, where they had to search for checkpoints and solve puzzles using an AR app. Along the way, the challenge stations included our other new activities as well such as The Archery Combat Challenge! and The Robotics Challenge! using JIMU robots. All these culminated at our mystery end point, AJ Hackett Sentosa, where everyone had a taste of our newest experience doing a challenge with the AJ Hackett tower.
It was truly heartening to see people from different companies who have just met to work together and have fun. As a token of appreciation for all who came down, we prepared a coffee table book for each company filled with highlights from all their programs with us over the years. We would also like to extend our sincerest thanks to those who were not able to come, for your support over the years. We will continue to strive to deliver the best to you and we hope to see you at our next Client’s Day.

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