Certified Competent Facilitator (CCF)

Our Facilitator Joey is the first person in Singapore to attain the status of a Certified Competent Facilitator (CCF). This certification is awarded by the International Institute of Facilitation (INIFAC).

The requirements to attain CCF status requires applicant to submit a list of seven varied facilitation experiences, a set of written responses to showcase knowledge in facilitation and a simulated (videotaped) facilitated session to demonstrate facilitation practices. A team of Master Facilitators will then assess and grade the CCF applicant in these three areas. Only when the applicant achieved a certain knowledge and performance standard would he be awarded the CCF status.

The seven facilitation experiences Joey submitted are:

1. Committee handover session for a pharmaceutical MNC.
2. Focus Group Discussion (FGD) for National Volunteer and Philanthropy Center.
3. Work-plan discussion for a consumer goods electronics MNC.
4. Brainstorming session for an agency from the civil service.
5. Work-plan discussion for a pharmaceutical MNC.
6. Strategic planning and review for National Volunteer and Philanthropy Center.
7. Visioning workshop for a local medical facilities.

The attainment of the CCF status by one of our Facilitators further demonstrates the effectiveness of the process facilitation services provided by FOCUS Consulting.