Building A Masterpiece!

FOCUS Adventure embarked on our biggest LEGO CHALLENGE programme with an institution! The objective was for the entire organisation to come together to work on their values and to align it with the institution’s purpose. It was a tough objective putting the pieces together, with our Facilitator and Project Manager having to meet our client, brainstorm for ideas and put it into a practical solution. In the end, a beautiful masterpiece was created by the entire group when the pieces came together! There was also a latest edition of live feed to be able to capture the audience attention during debrief as some of the presentation can be really intricate towards the detailed and specified blocks of LEGO. Overall everyone enjoyed the programme and it was great job. We can’t wait for an even bigger pax programme to break the record!

Some feedback from participants:

- As usual, the TEAM from FOCUS Adventure (Sauyan and Sasi) is flexible and responsive to our needs. The teambuilding programme was well-coordinated on the day of event. The professionalism and effort put in by the TEAM made us (the organisers) feel confident about whole event. Thank you and look forward to more working opportunities in future.

- Everyone in TEAM was friendly, helpful and willing to do their best in the area of expertise. Again very impressed with FOCUS. Thank you guys!!!

- Friendly and humorous facilitators; interesting questions for the lego exercises which make us think of the box and just be creative in creating the lego pieces together.