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David Kolb Experiential Learning Cycle vs Jack Mezirow’s Transformational Learning

While the two models; Experiential learning and Transformational Learning, may seem superficially similar, however, they carry profound differences in their fundamental beliefs. As Adventure Learning Facilitators, we stem from a robust system built around exposing our participants towards various experiences, but we must also be scientifically or pseudo-scientifically (at very least) aware of the various models that explain the behaviors and the cognitive process behind their behaviors.

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Herzberg’s two factor theory and workplace satisfaction

My interest and inquisitive nature in a deeper understanding of people spurred me into studying psychology for my bachelors, and throughout my studies I have always been curious about motivational psychology and social behaviors. It wasn’t long before this curiosity led me to come across Herzberg’s two factor theory; and as all conventional and modern psychology theories related to motivation goes, it is undeniable that this theory was clearly influenced by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory.

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