Basic Facilitator Course 21


On the 30th of January, a group of 16 individuals started their Basic Facilitator Course (BFC) 21 journey, all the way till the 3rd of February. For 5 days, this group of strangers bonded over the challenges they faced and made their way through self discovery, laughter, overcoming various obstacles in the spirit of team work.

BFC is scheduled to fit in as many FOCUS Adventure activities as possible for the participants to go through and understand FOCUS’s methodology on experiential learning. The course is an assessment to identify suitable individuals who aspired to be a FOCUS Facilitator and is also opened to any Company’s personnel such as Human Resource Managers, Trainers who want to benefit and learn relevant facilitation skills.

As each of the activities is customized to emphasize the various elements of teambuilding, the experiences ranged from encouraging and supporting each other through physical and mental activities to understanding each other better by using profiling tools as a foundation; resulting in higher tolerance and respect.

Another objective, unique for BFC participants was the preparation and facilitation of activities which was showcased on the last day of the course. As most of the participants were new to FOCUS Adventure, the feelings were mixed with anticipation, excitement as well as not knowing what to expect, but they all went in with a good attitude and ready to step out of their comfort zone. The high number of activities being carried through 5 consecutive days, tied the diverse group together as if they had known each other for a much longer time.

Throughout the course, each participant had his/her personal learning points and achievements. BFC is a course which can unleash great potential, it’s up to each participant how much take away they will gain at the end of the course.

That’s how amazing going through “Where every moment is a challenge” with an open mind is and readiness to encourage and support your team mates can do. Especially in an environment where experienced facilitators can guide you to extract how you can best contribute and incorporate the take away into your daily life.