Chua Chu Kang Secondary School Ninja Challenge Course

Chua Chu Kang Secondary School Ninja Challenge Course

Inspired from the hit show American Ninja Warrior, the Chua Chu Kang Secondary School Ninja Course is an obstacle course designed to integrate fun to physical fitness for students. The course is composed of the following obstacles: multi-vine, hanging rings, cannonball alley, bouldering wall, parallel beams traverse, hanging planks, broken bridge, cargo net, trapeze, balance beams and ring slider. Each obstacle aims to exercise different parts of the body like the arms, legs, shoulders, back, etc.

- columns and beams  are square hollow section steel
- powder coat finish
- balau wood for platforms


1.    Multi-vine
Two parallel cables connected on two beams from end to end. The lower cable is the foot cable, and the other cable has several multi-vine ropes hanging vertically from it. It is a good activity to start and warm‐up students’ arms and legs while building confidence as they move to the next. Students traverse on a foot cable while keeping balance with the help from holding on to the hanging ropes.

2.    Hanging rings
Stainless steel rings are suspended low via steel rope. Students swing across to the next platform by using the hanging rings. The foot is placed on the rings while holding on the rope hangers to maintain balance. Skipping the rings may be possible depending on the rules.

3.    Cannonball alley
Hanging stainless steel rings and wooden blocks are suspended via ropes for students to swing from one to another. Arm strength is tested in this obstacle as there is a variance in difficulty in transferring from rings to wooden blocks.

4.    Bouldering wall
Students traverse three boulder wall panels. Correct technique in hand and foot placement shall determine the speed of completing this obstacle

5.    Parallel beams traverse
Students traverse towards the next platform using. With hands on the higher beam and legs on the lower beam, the student will move sideways until they reach the next platform. Two leg beams are provided for them to choose according to the user’s body length.

6.    Hanging planks
Similar to the concept of Hanging Rings, students have to cross using the hanging planks. This obstacle can be performed in several ways. For beginners, this obstacle might difficult and may take some time to complete. Students can grab on the two rope hangers first then step on the plank and gain their balance before moving on to the next plank. They can do this sequence one plank at a time until they reach the next platform.

7.    Broken bridge
This is just a short obstacle that will just help the student connect to the next platform but will still require caution as they traverse as the bridge is wobbly.

8.    Cargo net
Students grab the netting and climb across sideways using hands and feet without touching the ground. By itself, this component is a beginner upper and lower body workout but could be intermediate or advanced depending on the capabilities and techniques of users.

9.    Trapeze
It is a monkey bar that is suspended. To traverse, the student must swing from one bar to another using momentum. Depending on one’s reach, one can skip a bar to transfer to another.

10.    Balance beams
Balancing has always been a part of any obstacle. It is an activity that will test how students can balance their body as they traverse towards the next platform. The student moves into the next platform by balancing on the three beams without falling to the ground. Hanging grab ropes are suspended as additional support for balancing.

11.     Ring slider
This may be the toughest obstacle in the course. It will require tremendous arm strength as students

perform the activity. Two rings are hanging from parallel bars. Students grab a ring on each hand and traverse to the next platform by sliding the rings on the bars. The parallel bars provide a challenge since there is variance in height.

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