BOC 25

The Basic Officers’ Course (BOC) is a specially designed course which allows every participant to experience 5 days inclusive of almost the entire range of activities that FOCUS Adventure provides. It is not only an initiation for anyone who would like to pursue a career with FOCUS Adventure; it also allows them the opportunity to realize if this job is the right fit for them. Part of the course also allows the Lead Facilitator managing the course to observe the behavior of the participants and choose those who demonstrate the greatest Leadership potential.

The BOC is designed to be a 5 day course which includes a session related to the vision, mission and all other methodology upon which FOCUS Adventure is based upon, plus a profiling session and The Leadership Challenge (TLC) session for participants to better understand themselves and their Leadership styles. It also gives participants an opportunity to learn and understand the debrief processes used in FOCUS Adventure, and a chance to experience the various activities, facilities and resources that FOCUS Adventure has, including our Sembawang, Sentosa and Raffles Marina sites, our sailboats and ending off with climbing the Team Challenge Hourglass to end off the entire course.

The BOC is a course that cannot be compared to anything else in the market and it definitely takes “Challenge” to a whole new level. The course is open to people outside FOCUS Adventure as well for a certain fee and will certainly allow everyone who attends it, a glimpse into the exciting career of a Facilitator at FOCUS Adventure!

Here’s what our BOC graduates have to say about their experience:

Name: Trevor

The overall experience of the 5 days 4 nights BOC was extraordinary. I have never felt learning can be so much fun and engaging. Each activity that was introduced came with a purpose and we were given the chance to elaborate on what we have learned and our interpretation of the “take away message” of the activity.

I am glad that our group is small as it allows us more time to discuss and learn more from the Facilitators.

The Facilitators are really professional and made me feel a sense of belonging.

The best part of the whole programme is that I managed to meet and befriend a group of great people and through the teambuilding activities, we get to understand each other better.

It is a shame that I have not been selected by FOCUS, but i am still glad that i managed to take away some of the teambuilding, Leadership, and Innovation Development knowledge from the course. Managed to understand FOCUS more, open up a career option that I have never thought of, and also to meet and befriend a group of friendly and interesting people.

I am grateful for the BOC experience.

Name: Berwin

Entering FOCUS adventure without attending Basic Officer Course is like attempting to ride a motorbike without thoroughly understanding the mechanics of the bike and the unique functions it may possess. Fortunately for me, the 5D4N BOC camp has not only become an aid in understanding the company better, but also as another stepping stone in my life journey. The camp offers interesting insights to the DISC personality test allowing us and our Facilitators to get to know us better. There were also Leadership practices embedded into our activities which were conducted during the camp, we modeled the way by listing down our expectations and we align our actions towards shared values, we inspired a shared vision amongst our peers to accomplish the task given to us.

One of the interesting points that differs FOCUS adventure from other teambuilding companies, is the methodology of using a paradigm shift. This allowed us to bring experiential learning from the current activity and how can it link back into organizational and their behaviours. This also allowed us to better challenge the process of our activities and to think out of the box.

To be honest, many of the activities we have done such a combined escape room/night maze, Sailing, Team Challenge Hourglass, were extremely challenging as it forces me and my TEAM out of our comfort zone. However, we were able to enable each other to act and to cooperate in accomplishing our goals at hand. Lastly, our Facilitators did a great job by patiently encouraging us and imparting us with their knowledge and expertise in managing difficult problems. It was heartwarming during the initiation process knowing that we have gone through so much. Furthermore, the journey has just begun and we will continue to encourage one another by showing appreciation and working hand in hand to a common goal in FOCUS adventure.

Name: Madeline Tay

Attending the Basic Office Course as a Programme Manager allows me to expose to the activities conducted by Facilitators which aids in my knowledge before proposing activities to client by understanding to their needs and objectives. It enhances my knowledge towards FOCUS adventure and operations of the company. The 5D4N camp is interesting as it offers insights into our DISC personality profiling test, allowing us to know ourselves better, how we can improve ourselves and lending a helping hand to one another. Though expectations are laid out during the first day, what is important that what we gained throughout the camp and apply to our future work.

The Facilitators did a great job in encouraging us and motivate us throughout the 5D4N camp, even though I’m afraid of heights and I had mental break down during the Team Challenge Hourglass and managed to suppress my fear to make it through the stages. Furthermore, this camp allows us to make new friends, building strong bonds between one and other, showing encouragement and head towards the common goal in FOCUS Adventure.

Name: Amelia

How did BOC helped me in my learning development and experience:

BOC has reaffirmed my core values in life, making me more confident about shaping myself. BOC, to me, is a journey of self-discovery and development. By putting us through multiple test of challenge, we are given the opportunity to stretch our physical and mental limits. For example, we were given multiple tests of courage to overcome fears like fear of height, darkness, pain and more. By going through such test, we are required to be resilient and determined to complete the task given. During this process of testing our resilience, individuals are able to identify their behavioural patterns – ‘fight or flight’ response – and work on it after.

Besides working on our fears, we were also given opportunities to learn more about specialist skills such as sailing. This taught me the importance of being responsible for my actions and to my teammates as every action or inaction towards a teambuilding activity leads to consequences that the entire team has to bear.

Through BOC, I am now more motivated in developing qualities of self-resilience, determination, and inculcate a sense of self-responsibility.

Name: Fion LEE

BOC is definitely an effective course for the new hired and also for each individual which involve experiential learning. Through this course, I learnt how to manage our fears which had lessen the weight of my fears alot. With that I was able to complete the activities at Team Challenge Hourglass and with great support from my TEAM member!

The most interesting part of this course was where I get to know or understand more about myself after completing D.I.S.C profiling and also through the affirmation and analyzed about the presentation of our life Journal by the Facilitator. The Facilitators were so good at controlling the flow of this programme whereby at the end of the day, every got so bonded together and touched by relationship and everything we’d gone through.

Last but not least, BOC is definitely a “must” joined programme. I’ve never regretted for spending 5D4N in this BOC !! Looking forward for more intense programme!!! Thank you.

Name: Kaylene KOH

BOC is an eye opener to me. I joined the organisation and started to do what a PM does without knowing how this organisation works and not having sufficient knowledge of the activities I sell. Through this course, I’m exposed to the organisational culture, and learnt about various activities and how I can sell them to my prospects.

Furthermore, I learnt the safety aspect of the activities that we’ve gone through and can be the extra pair of eyes to watch for safety during programmes.

Name: Mark HUANG

Teamwork – BOC has shown me how we can work in a TEAM environment, given that everyone has mostly different strengths and weaknesses. By combining all our skills together, we can overcome each other’s flaws whilst utilising each other’s strengths.

Friendship – BOC has shown me that with a common goal and objective, different people from different walks of lives and age groups can gel together so cohesively.

Conquering of fears – BOC has shown me that everybody has fears and the will power required to overcome such fears. We can apply such methods to conquer our difficulties during the different phases of our lives.

Trying out new things – I was pleasantly surprised that sailing, an activity which I would never have thought was interesting, turned out to be really fun. It shows that we must constantly explore new avenues in life, because we might never know if we will be good at something which we always thought we would not be good at.

Experience – I have never experienced a training course since I was young and the BOC was very well run. It exposed a lot of my fears and allowed me to overcome or conquer them in a very mature manner. I was also pleasantly surprised how I managed to hit the ground running with people of such different age groups as myself.