BOC 24

The Basic Officers’ Course (BOC) is a specially designed course which allows every participant to experience 5 days inclusive of almost the entire range of activities that FOCUS Adventure provides. It is not only an initiation for anyone who would like to pursue a career with FOCUS Adventure; it also allows them the opportunity to realize if this job is the right fit for them. Part of the course also allows the Lead Facilitator managing the course to observe the behavior of the participants and choose those who demonstrate the greatest leadership potential.

The BOC is designed to be a 5 day course which includes a session related to the vision, mission and all other methodology upon which FOCUS Adventure is based upon, plus a profiling session and The Leadership Challenge (TLC) session for participants to better understand themselves and their leadership styles. It also gives participants an opportunity to learn and understand the debrief processes used in FOCUS Adventure, and a chance to experience the various activities, facilities and resources that FOCUS Adventure has, including our Sentosa and Raffles Marina sites, our sailboats and dragon boats, and ending off with climbing the Team Challenge Hourglass to end off the entire course.

The BOC is a course that cannot be compared to anything else in the market and it definitely takes “Challenge” to a whole new level. The course is open to people outside FOCUS Adventure as well for a certain fee and will certainly allow everyone who attends it, a glimpse into the exciting career of a Facilitator at FOCUS Adventure!

Here’s what our BOC graduates have to say about their experience:

Name: Jeremy TONG

  1. The Leadership Challenge: Learnt much about my leadership style and what are required from my side to lead people effectively and to not only be a good leader but also a leader with vision.
  2. Learnt about new activities like wild woozy and nitro crossing which has not been done in FOCUS programs before.
  3. DISC profiling was my first time as a participant and effectively understand myself on how I operate under stress etc.


Name: Jeremy WEN

  1. The nature and extent of career involvement as a facilitator with FOCUS Adventure.
  2.  A brief insight into the systems and process of conducting and facilitating activities.
  3. How we begin to talk about “Where every moment is a challenge” and eventually walk that path.


Name: Peter GOH

  1. Explore and align company values with that of ours.
  2. Set and fine-tune expectations of role in focus
  3. Getting to know fellow colleagues better
  4. Introduction to the MAPs and energizers frequently used in programs


Name:  Bryan CHAN

  1. Learning and practicing company core values F.O.C.U.S
  2. Learning about our own D.I.S.C profile, and using it in our work at FOCUSAdventure.
  3. Learning more about our team, especially participants and facilitators for B.O.C.


Name:  Jessie ONG

BOC 24 was a one-of-a-kind experience for me! Fearing heights. I was actually dreading the high elements and Team Challenge Hourglass at the start of the camp! Jumping off the platform of the TCH required extreme confidence and trust, and I’m very grateful to my teammate and facilitators who constantly encouraged me to face my fears, which fortunately I was able to!

Having the chance to share and listen to everyone’s life journey was an eye-opener. It also makes us understand each another better and to better support each other at work.

Through this camp, I am also better able to comprehend what the participants have to face and the challenges they have to overcome.

The most mesmerising experience was the opportunity to be able to stay 2 nights onboard the sailboats. That’s definitely not something that I would do on a normal basis!

Overall, I never regretted joining BOC camp. Probably wouldn’t mind attending it again! :)


Name:  Mae TAI

BOC gave us a chance to not only know more about one another but also to get a grasp about what FOCUS Adventure is really about.

It encouraged me to learn how to be more open to my colleagues and to learn how to trust them.

Overall I think this is a really good introduction and re-introduction for some of us to the company and to let us take some time off to really build relationships with our colleagues.


Name:  Lindsay CHOW

  1. Stepping out of comfort zone(TCH). Having to take the lead requires a leap of faith in oneself as well as the team members. With the trust and support from the team, it made decision making a lot easier as a team.
  2. Communication was also key in almost every activity. Such as Dragonboat, sailing, kayaking , TCH. Without good communication, we wouldnt be able to achieve our expected/set goals.
  3. Learning to adapt to changes quick and responding to it. Sailing- we need to be quick in understanding where the wind is and know what to do theteafter. In any case if there is a sudden change in weather, we will need to know the next course of action by adapting to the current situation.


Name:  Wendy CHAN

BOC 24 was indeed a great experience for me. It taught me skills and discover more about limits and teamwork. One of the things was learning how everyone is different yet as long as we put in effort to understand them, we will be able to find a similarity.

One of most memorable activity I did in BOC was climbing the 25 meter tall “Team Challenge Hourglass” followed by a free fall. I was worried that I couldn’t complete the climb due to my fear of heights. However, with the support from my teammates, I managed to go through all the obstacles and conquered my fear.

Ending off, I would like to thank BOC 24 and my camp organizer who organize the camp for giving me the opportunity to learn new skills such as sailing and dragon boat. I had a great time bonding with everyone in camp.Top of FormBottom of Form


Name:  Sharon ANG

  1. This training is an excellent induction platform and I am truly privileged to be a part of this. I value the opportunity to get to know our colleagues at a personal level. Everyone was very open and shared his/her vision, mission, goals, highlights and failures. It was an extremely insightful and thought-provoking session for me. It helps me understand and connect better with fellow colleagues.
  2. This training has provided us with a first-hand experience on the breadth and depth of what FOCUS Adventure can offer. It helps me understand our company DNA and culture. There was a right mix of soft skills development and fun!
  3. I love the focus on Leadership during this training. It helps us understand our team and individual strengths and weakness. I love the concept of The Leadership Challenge!