What is Basic Officer Course

The Basic Facilitator Course is now being replaced and upgraded to Basic Officer Course (BOC).

The BOC is a selection and induction programme for the intake of all Officers level; from Assistant Managers all the way to CEO. Officers of the various units (Logistics, Safety, R&D, Business Development, SeaOPS etc.) hold leadership and management positions with the company.
It is the start of the journey of a career that will take you to “places you have never been before”; the beginning of an exciting and meaningful career that will Challenge and Stretch your own limits to a whole new level.

Officers are selected based on educational qualification of minimum a Bachelor Degree (exceptions are given to Diploma holders who are pursuing a Degree) and individuals who possess the H.AI.R. Qualities (You may find out more about the H.A.I.R. Qualities on FOCUS Adventure’s website).

Besides FOCUS Adventure, potential Officers are also recruited through our sister companies, Outdoor Adventures and CAMP CHALLENGE based on Vocations and put through this 7 days central training, selection and induction process. During the 7 days programme, potential candidates are constantly challenged at a mental, physical and emotional level. Candidates must demonstrate Leadership, Teamwork and the ability to Adapt and Innovate and make sound decisions on the ground.
Candidates who are deemed not suitable will drop out of the course with no strings attached. Those who successfully finished the 7 days will be put through further training and development in the OJT phase depending on Vocations.

Individuals can also join the various companies as an Associate Officer if he/she possess specialist skills such as sailing or mountaineering and wants to be part of this Adventure on associate basis. However, passing the BOC is mandatory as the Associate Officers will carry the same Leadership and responsibilities based on rank as the full time counterpart.

For more information on the next BOC, please email to recruit@FOCUSAdventure.com