What is Basic Facilitator Course

Basic Facilitator Course

The Basic Facilitator Course is a five-day course designed at providing participants an insight to the world of facilitation in an adventure and experiential learning environment. Participants will learn both hard and soft skills driven at delivery of high impact Uniquely FOCUS TEAM and Organisational development programmes

Learning Outcomes

The course aims to engage potential Facilitators with an array of skills and knowledge consisting of learning experiential activities and delivering them. They will also learn various soft skills which include,

  1. Public Speaking
  2. Facilitation Tools and Techniques
  3. Designing & Conducting of Adventure Learning programmes
  4. Managing Risk in Adventure Learning Context
  5. Situational Awareness
  6. Technical and Safety of Ropes Courses etc.


Upon completion of the course, potential participants will have the opportunity to start their journey as a Facilitator (On-Job-Training) or Projects Executive/Manager with FOCUS Adventure!

Target Audience

The Basic Facilitation Course is suitable for people who are moving into the facilitation or training arena with little or zero knowledge in the facilitation or training fields. It is also suitable for company’s in-house full or part-time trainers, freelance trainers, training consultants, training administrators, course or training programme, curriculum developers, assessment developers and assessors.

Human Resource professionals, managers and leaders who have an interest in using adventure and experiential learning as a tool for facilitation in an organizational or business environment are certainly welcome as well.

Programme Schedule will be updated soon. Stay tuned!

For more information, please write in to recruit@FOCUSAdventure.com.