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Our programmes center around 3 key building blocks of any organisational development effort – Leadership Development, Team Development and Change Management/Innovation.

As an integral part of the programme, Challenge Ropes Course together with leading edge dynamic software is weaved and integrated into a high energy, adrenaline pumping programme that requires individuals and teams to challenge pre-conceived mindsets and overcome seemingly impossible task.

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H. A. I. R. – Assessing Growth Potential in FOCUS Adventure

‘When our people grow, so will the company’.

Here in FOCUS Adventure, we assess the growth potential of all partners through their Current Estimate Potential (CEP). CEP is a tool used to gauge the highest level of work or appointment a partner can handle competently before retirement.

CEP originates from Shell Petroleum, who uses it to assess leadership potential in their employees, and is adopted by the Civil Service sector here in Singapore. The framework both organisations use are similar, however, some of the assessment qualities are different due to the nature of their industry. In FOCUS Adventure, we too have adapted the tool to suit needs that are integral to our success.

Our framework consists of 4 main qualities, summarized as H.A.I.R.

H Helicopter View
The ability to rise above the specifics of a situation and look at the overall
context. It is also the ability to see the big picture without losing sight of the
details and their implications.
A Attitude
The manner in which tasks are approached, the respond to situation and the positive outlook and ‘can do’ spirit personified. People like positive people.
I Initiative
The pro-activeness that embodies everyday action. It is about taking promptaction to accomplish what is needed to be done and also, about going beyond primary job function.
R Result
The outcome of the execution; the effect that derives from the quality of judgment and quality of delivery.

These qualities are constantly monitored and assess by everyone in the organisation, through our daily actions and the things we say. The sum of these qualities will then determine our CEP.

CEP and growth opportunities work in a reciprocal manner. Potential assessment is essential to distinguish varying capabilities so as to better develop and deploy our partners. Our CEP will determine the type of task assigned to us; the higher our CEP, the more complex the task, the more opportunity to grow.

However, CEP is not a one-off estimate; it is dynamic and will evolve as the industry changes, the organisation changes and as we change. This means that the opportunity for us to grow and develop is endless; we just have to display more H.A.I.R. on a consistent basis.

H + A + I = R?

The relationships between the 4 qualities are interrelated. Strength in just one quality will see an unbalance approach. For example, if one adopts a big picture view, but has no initiative to back his views with action and get things moving, it will ultimately leads to no result. On this note, it seems reasonable to theorize that the combination of the first 3qualities, when carry out with certain degree of excellence, will lead to positive result. Of course, the fruit of the labour might not always be evident in the short run and is not always measurable, thus, result alone, although crucial for all commercial enterprise, should not be the only quality evaluated. Result is not all that matters, but it does matter. At the end of the day, the weight result carries is still substantially higher than the other 3qualities.

The hypothesis of H + A + I = R presents an opportunity not just for the organisation to asses a partner’s CEP, but also, for the partner to do a self evaluation. If one sees no result despite always carrying a positive attitude and invested a lot of time and energy in initiating actions, perhaps, he is just not cut out to do the job.

The simple definition of the acronyms and principle driven nature of H.A.I.R. means this framework cuts through all functions and brands across FOCUS Adventure; it applies to every and anyone. Its usage is straight forward: during a feedback session, the appraiser needs to just move along the acronyms and address the 4 qualities accordingly. And this will offer a pretty holistic coverage (the detailed framework of H.A.I.R. can be found at the end of this article).

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Here’s more H.A.I.R

This section expounds the 4 qualities to provide a clearer understanding of what each is about.

Helicopter View is our vision. It is how we see the world, where we see ourselves and most importantly, where we see our place in the world. It is the paradigm we carry around and the lens we see through. Helicopter view goes hand in hand with system thinking – looking at situations and opportunities as part of an overall system. It all starts with distaining ourselves mentality from the current situation and understand an issue by appreciating its place in relation to the whole.

This quality is not solely about futuristic or big picture thinking. A helicopter needs to lower itself down from time to time to get a better view of the ground. Similarly, we need to constantly ‘zoom’ in on the present, the reality, to ensure we are not going off course.‘Zooming’ in allows us to look at details, ‘zooming’ out ensures we are not bored down by it. Be constantly switching between these two modes, it enables us to see where the‘micros’ fits within the ‘macro’. Helicopter View is like a map we carry around. The bigger our map is, the more we will see, the better prepared we are for the road ahead.

Attitude is the passion we carry. Attitude is contagious. Attitude is influential, not so much on others compared to how greatly it can sway our own perception and action. Attitude is the difference between problems and opportunities. More often than not, how we respond to situations is a key factor to success. If our attitude is positive, it will lead to more constructive behavior and thus, more quality output. This correlation has been proven true by many scientific studies.

People like positive people; being around positive people is a good feeling. The benefits of being positive are endless. A good attitude will help us go a long way. Perhaps, most important of all, having a good attitude, being positive, will allow us to enjoy our work.

Initiative drives our action. This is where we walk the talk and build credibility. Visioning from a wider perspective is one thing, being upbeat and optimistic is another, rolling up our sleeves and getting things done is a different matter altogether. Pro-activeness, time-consciousness and sense of urgency are values driven by initiative. When we take the initiatives, we control our life because we choose how we want to work and not wait for to others to tell us.

Taking initiative is more than just action, it is about action beyond our primary responsibilities, it is about exceeding expectations – We willingly take up extra responsibilities, we do beyond our primary scope of duties and we get things done before we are told to. Opportunities come to those who find opportunities.

Result is the outcome of what we do or did not do. The quality of our performance determines the quality of our result. ‘Performance’ is the coming together of our skills, ability, competency and inner traits like attitude and drive. External factors will influence the result, but ultimately, it is down to our capacity to anticipate and work with, or around,these factors that will sway the result positively.

To all, if not most, commercial enterprise, result is the one value that matters the most. This posse the greatest challenge when it comes to evaluating employees – results is the most objective and arguably, the easiest of factors to measure, but, it should not be the only factor considered as measuring only result would promote an objective-only driven culture, greatly subordinating other values that are essential to the organisation’s daily behavior. But here’s the paradox, at the end of the day, it is still result (performance= profit) that ensures the daily survival and long-term sustainability of the company.

How we evaluate H.A.I.R

We can only appraise what we see. How we think is important but ultimately, what we do is the key because it is our actions (words including) in each of the qualities that decides whether we are being constructive or the opposite.

Below is a table the charts how each of the quality is evaluated. As noted earlier, all partners in FOCUS Adventure are appraised (formal and informal) on a daily basis, by everyone (consciously and subconsciously) in the organization. The truth is, all of us keeps a mental score card of all our peers, be it superior or subordinate. Through our daily activities and interaction with them, we award and deduct points based on our perception of their performance. Overtime, we will form either a favorable or non favorable impression of our colleagues.

The more constructive our input is in each of the observable behaviors, the better we will ‘score’ in each of the quality, the higher our C.E.P will be.

Quality Observable Behaviors
Helicopter View Adopting ‘system-thinking’ perspective

  • - Consider how our current actions will affect the future.
  • - Planning 2 or 3 steps ahead.
  • - Understand the co-relation between us and all functions.
  • - Addressing the root cause rather than the symptoms when tackling challenges.

Seeing the big picture

  • - Carrying a wider perspective when we view and address issues.
  • - Looking beyond FOCUS Adventure and the affiliated brands and
    consider the other stakeholders.
  • - Constantly seeking for Win/Win situation with all stakeholders.

Sharing information

  • - Sharing information with others to keep everyone abreast of events.
  • - Sharing with as wide of an audience as possible.

Sharing resources

  • - Giving maximum value by looking at how others can make better use of it.
  • - Subordinating self interest for the greater good.
Attitude Respond to situations

  • - When circumstances changes, take it in our stride and move on.
  • - Choosing to look at the positive side of things.

Influence on others

  • - Positively influence others, gives others a sense of purpose and
  • - Make others like coming to work and enjoy the work they do.

The persona we project

  • - Carrying an approachable body language.
  • - Use optimistic words and we speak with a sense of belief.
  • - Our actions are constructive and the things we do value-adds.
Initiative Pro-activeness

  • - Display a sense of urgency.
  • - We are time consciousness and strive to meet all datelines.
  • - Creating our own opportunities by constantly searching for work and not wait to be told what to do.
  • - Accelerate our pace of development.

Taking on extra responsibility

  • - Doing work that is beyond our primary scope of duties.
  • - Not viewing ‘sacrifice’ as giving up on one own interest but rather, doing what is necessary for the greater good of the organization.
Result Outcome of our output

  • - Meet our KPIs at the very least; constant strive to exceed it.
  • - It is aligned with the organizational goals and values.
  • - What we produce benefits all other stakeholders.

Quality of Work – External client

  • - The feedbacks we receive from client are always positive.
  • - We have a strong pool of repeat clients.
  • - Our services are often recommended by others.

Internal client

  • - Our teammates see us as dependable and reliable.
  • - Credibility is a virtue others associate us with because we deliver what we promise.


End Note

This framework does not cover every aspect that is needed to evaluate every single individual holistically. However, this framework is easy to understand, straight forward in application, its principle centered nature allows it to cut through all our brands and most importantly, the 4 qualities are aligned to our organisation culture and values.

Our C.E.P determines our value and significance to the organisation. Everyone’s learning curve is different and because of this, our C.E.P can and will change over time. Increasing C.E.P is a sign of progress and development. It should be. As time passes, our H.A.I.R. should ‘grow’ longer. If our H.A.I.R doesn’t grow or ‘is kept at the same length’, or worse still, is shorten, perhaps we have already reach another C.E.P – Career End Point.

Job Openings


Full Time – Manager (Marketing)

Duties and Responsibilities

- Pilot and execute marketing initiatives with the Group stakeholders to achieve sales targets

- Develop and update the Group marketing collaterals, websites, social media and new initiatives to enhance the Group branding

- Identify and pursue business opportunities for the Group

- Proposal writing and presentation to prospect clients, submit tender on Gebiz ITQ, ITT and others

- Identify Marketing opportunities, leverage web metrics and analytics, CRM, lead statistical interpretation of marketing related data to measure movement of opportunities through the pipeline

- Manage marketing budget and ROI

- Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time


- Degree in Marketing, Business Management, Mass Communication, Hospitality or related field\

- At least 3 – 4 years in the marketing field


- Proficient in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and other marketing and design tools.

- Project management and Marcom

- Excellent command of English and Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) and sound writing skills

Personal Attributes

- Passion to interact with people

- Passion for new knowledge, challenges and highly responsive to trends

- Entrepreneurial fortitude

- Able to work independently in a fast paced environment

- Excellent attention to details

- Adaptable to sudden changes

Only Singaporeans / PR need apply
If you are interested to join our highly motivated and dynamic FOCUS team, please send your resume with your recent photograph in WORDS format to:


Full Time – Facilitator

Basic Function

- Design, planned and deliver corporate learning programmes in accordance to clients’ learning needs.

- Lead and manage a specific unit, department or portfolio, as part of Facilitator leadership development.

Duties and Responsibilities

- Design, plan and deliver programmes in accordance to procedures with clients’ safety and learning as priority.

- Coordinate logistical needs with the rest of the team to ensure smooth running of programmes.

- Meeting clients to identify learning needs and present propose programmes.

- Leadership and management responsibilities in the respective unit, department or portfolio.


- Degree in any discipline (Diploma with relevant experience will be considered).

- Experience in the Human Resource and Organizational Development domain will be an advantage.

- Fresh graduates will be considered.

Personal Attributes

- Fun: Carries a positive attitude and seeks to make work enjoyable for those around him/her.

- Open: Willing to give and receive suggestions and feedback.

- Challenge: Constantly seeking new challenges for personal growth.

- Understand: Make effort to learn to gain more knowledge and understanding of the field.

- Safe: Posses a safety-first mentality.


Full Time – Executive/ Manager (Projects)

Basic Function

- Achieving Individual as well as Company’s overall revenue target.

Duties and Responsibilities

- Developing and building strong client relationships

- Expand and manage clientele data via the CRM software

- Identifying Client’s needs, writing proposals, quotations and making presentation

- Effective planning of logistics and maximize resources to ensure successful programmes

- Communicating clients’ needs to the internal team for execution of the programme

- Exercise cost control for each project

- All other ad-hoc projects


- Diploma or Degree in any discipline


- Working experience preferred

- Fresh graduates are welcome to apply

- Experience in HR, Events & Hospitality industries preferred

- 3-4 years of project/events management exposure (for managerial position)

Skills Knowledge

- Good clients relationship management

- Strong verbal and written communication skills

- Confident in managing clients’ needs

- Understand corporate etiquette and business dealings

- Managed multiple projects simultaneously

- CRM software experience will be an advantage

Personal Attributes

- Passion to meet and interact with people

- Service Oriented

- Meticulous to information and numbers to produce quality work

- Have sense of urgency and prompt to respond

- Able to work independently and provide solutions

- Adaptable and react well to sudden changes and last minute requests

- Enjoys Multi-Tasking